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  1. Maria McNeill
    Maria McNeill
    Hi I live in Scotland. I am related to the McNeills of Garron point/Carnlough including the former post mistress Anne McNeill Aka Queen Anne
  2. Murray McAuley
    Murray McAuley Allan Hay
    Please contact me at my email -
  3. Jennifer Agnew
    Jennifer Agnew
    Searching for information about a Jack (or John) Robertson Agnew born in/near Glasgow Scotland who came to America around 1906
  4. Marianna Fazylova
  5. Pete M
    Pete M GOAHS
  6. Vicki Cawe
    Vicki Cawe
    hi new member and hope someone might be able to help me with my research on the family name MCILHERON...
  7. Dave Walshe
    Dave Walshe
    Hi, I am a new member who has hit a brick wall; looking for info on Maguires believed to be from Causeways End near Lisburn.
  8. MMB
    New Member
  9. wisconsinmary
    Hello, I am a new member searching for Morrison, Anderson, McKinley and McCurdy all from either Rathlin Island or Antrim.
  10. Camillus
    Hamill Cushendall
  11. Camillus
    Camillus earthrider
    Hi, I am James Hamills grandson.
    From the Glens of Antrim Hamill clan :-) good to meet you
  12. Beverly Sweeney McFarlane
    Beverly Sweeney McFarlane jfortu1
    last seen in 2008 where the hell are you?