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  1. adenshillito

    Halls, Toshs, Knoxs Ballymena/Antrim 1800s

    I've been piecing together some family strands from Thornbury NZ in the 1880s back to Ballymena and the North generally in the 1820s. I'm related to a Hugh Hall and his wife Jane Tosh who settled in rural NZ in 1869. A DNA match linked me to a man who now lives in that area and has Hall...
  2. adenshillito

    McLaren & Murray, Ballymoney 1820s

    Thank you very much for your time and effort in replying and for the information you were able to provide. It's a needle in a haystack in some regards, but every little bit helps. I also figure in this that the name McLaren often changes form and has appeared as Mclaren and McLauren and one or...
  3. adenshillito

    McLaren & Murray, Ballymoney 1820s

    Seeking any leads on a brick wall ancestor, JAMES MCLAREN (born about 1803) and wife AGNES MURRAY (born about a1808) were said to be farmers in this area. They would have married in the mid-1820s I expect and had a son James (b.1828) who later was in a poorhouse in Paisley, Scotland (abt. 1858)...