AGNEW's from Ballyeaston immigrated to Canada abt. 1832

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  1. Barb

    Barb New Member

    If they left from Ireland arriving in Canada 1832 my questions are:-
    Where would they leave from?
    Where would they have arrived?
    Does anybody have any info on them in Ireland?

    New to site, thanks
  2. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    Your ancestors might have left from anywhere really. Though there were regular sailings from places like Londonderry to Quebec and St Johns, many people left from Liverpool (which had far more departures than anywhere in Ireland as it was a sort of clearing hosue for most of Europe). Competition for the business was fierce and agents often threw in the passage to Liverpool free as part of the deal. Here’s a link to a site which gives a bit of background to emigration in the mid 1800s. It happens to be for Co Donegal but what it says applied to the whole of Ireland.

    Griffiths Valuation for 1861 has a Samuel Agnew in Ballyeaston. He had an agricultural labourers cottage (plot 32c). Next to him was Andrew Agnew with a farmhouse, outbuildings and 5 acres. ) Plot 33.

    I found this in the 1901 census:


    A couple of probate extracts (the full files are in paper format and are kept in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast:

    Agnew Andrew of Ballyeaston county Antrim farmer died 30 March 1925 Probate Belfast 12 June to Samuel Agnew farmer. Effects £574 7s. 6d.

    Agnew Samuel of Ballyeaston Ballyclare county Antrim farmer died 2 October 1944 Administration Belfast 5 December to Annie Agnew the widow. Effects £3795 10s.
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  3. waterhead

    waterhead New Member

    There is still a Samuel Agnew, a farmer, living in Ballyeaston,Ballyclare BT39 ,
  4. Barb

    Barb New Member

    Thank you so much for all your information. Much appreciated. Will look into it.
  5. Gossamer

    Gossamer New Member

    Hi Barb,
    We have been examining Agnew relations from Ballyeaston who I believe are related to yours. I do not know for certain that my John Agnew b.c. 1818 came from Ballyeaston but he is linked to the Witherspoons from Ballyeaston I have never found a ship manifest for him but our family lore indicates he departed from Belfast. I suspect he and his sister Eliza Jane (Gettys) arrived in the Montreal area, but I have never found a manifest with them listed.
  6. Gossamer

    Gossamer New Member

    I will soon be in the Ballyeaston area to research the families living there. I would love to find someone in the parish who is knowledgeable about families listed in the 1813 Church census. Agnew, Witherspoon, McCrea, Kerr, Gilmour families are of interest to me. Unfortunately, the present Agnews in the parish do not seem to know much about their ancestors. Are there any researchers from Ballyeaston who would meet with me to chat about their ancestors?
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  7. Barb

    Barb New Member

    Wow thanks for the info.

    I found an Sam Agnew from that area on Facebook & sent a private message but haven't received any response yet.

    That would be awesome if you find more info about the Agnew's when you go to Ballyeaston. We were in Ireland last summer but didn't get up North. That is on my bucket list.

    By the way I also have Kerr in my family as Henry Agnew's wife was Elizabeth who was a Kerr. Her father was Robert Kerr and he mother was Margaret nee Robinson.

    Have a great trip! Hope,it is very successful for you!

    Take care.
  8. waterhead

    waterhead New Member

    Try Mr John Waugh at jwaugh30@yahoo co uk,he was involved with the retail of the 1813 Church census.
  9. Gossamer

    Gossamer New Member

    Thank you.
  10. SteveBy

    SteveBy New Member

    The Annie Agnew, listed above, would be my grandmother! I am no expert on the family tree, but my Agnew family (farmers) has been in Ballyeaston since mid 19C that I know of. I have no knowledge of any emigration to Canada...
  11. BAM

    BAM New Member

    Hi Steve.
    I had the pleasure of meeting the the Ballyeaston Agnews while I was there. I have done a bit of research on the line with the information I was given. I believe the Annie in the will was Annie Gilmour. I think I may relate to Ballycorr through Samuel Agnew who married Ellen Waters around 1890.
  12. Barb

    Barb New Member

    Hi there! It's been awhile since I was on here & was wondering how the trip to Ballyeaston went! Did you find any Agnew or Kerr information? I will be in Ontario so will be searching out the family & hope to find some new info which I will share. Thanks

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