Bay Farm Carnlough

I am trying to gather information about Bay Farm Carnlough.

It was sold in 1903 to ''by George Acheson to Alexander McKay of Glasgow for £1,400 with approximately 78 acres''.
This Alexander McKay was a son of Arthur McKay of Bellair Farm, above Glenarm. He went to Glasgow in the 1880s and returned at a later date with his two daughters Maggie and Mary. They were respectively 19 and 17 at the 1911 census and lived in the Bay Farm house with three servants.

Does Bay Farm still exist today?

Does any G o A contributor have any idea what could have happened to the two McKay girls?

I believe the property was sold to a Harry Kane of Belfast in 1920.

Any help gratefully appreciated
Yes - it is owned by the Doherty family I believe and, if you are travelling from Glenarm to Carnlough, is the first dwelling on the left after the Ballyvaddy Road, (behind the row of house just before the Glencloy River).
Best View is from about 1/4 mile up the Ballyvaddy Rd. If you're looking out to sea the Bay Farm is just below on your left. There's a good view of the house from here. The striking thing about the Bay Farm is the the large fields. Compared to the the small field sizes common in the glens they are huge. Its amongst the best land in Glencloy.
Thank you, Hugh, I plan to get over in the spring and will get some photographs from the location you suggest. Although the McKay connection is long ago lost, it has its place in the history of the family and its connections with the area.
Thanks again.
When my 2nd great-grandmother, Ellen McCambridge(~1845-1918) married William McNeill (~1833-1912) her residence was given as "BAY CARNLOUGH" while her parents (John McCambridge and Mary McKeegan) lived at KNOCKBANN.
I am curious if this could mean the Bay Farm at Carnlough or if there is some other interpretation.
(Living in Colorado, I am only familiar with the Glens by map so piecing place names together has been a challenge.
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This is for emgrinolds, I see that you are descended from William McNeill and Ellen McCambridge. You might be able to help me clarify my lineage. My great grandparents were John McNeill and Catherine Mulvenna. I've long been trying to identify my great great grandparents with no success. My gggrandfather was James McNeill but there are quite a few about. However I see in my records that William & Ellen's daughter Catherine 16 March 1879 had as her sponsors Hugh & Annie McNeill, presumably close relatives. My grandmother Clementina McNeill also had a Hugh & Mrs McNeill as sponsors. An Annie McNeill registered the birth and I'm assuming that she was the Mrs McNeill in the record. Which means that this couple may have been sponsors for one of your relatives and one of mine, so we may have a connection. Could we swap family history? You can email me at if you can help Thanks