Burial place of James McKay of Glenarm

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  1. michaelap

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    Does anyone have any idea where James McKay (1837-1913) of Glenarm is buried? He was a younger brother and business associate of my great-grandfather, Patrick McKay of Dumbarton.

    James was an adventurous type. He went out to Australia in the 1880s Gold Rush (where he was apparently held up by Ned Kelly), had a spell at running a coastal shipping fleet with his brother, later in life he owned and ran a butcher's business and the pub that is now the Bridge End Tavern in Glenarm.

    He married an Anne Galbraith and they had a family of eight.

    Despite extensive searches I have been unable to locate a burial site.

    Any help gratefully received.
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  2. Tullyhill

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    I am researching the name Galbraith. The Ann Galbraith who married James McKay do you know where she came from? Did they marry in Scotland?
    I looked the 1911 Census and found a James McKay listed as Publican and Flesher, aged 74 but he is married to a Margaret. It does not state how many years married. But there was mention of 8 children.
    There is also a will Probate of the will of James McKay late of Glenarm who did 24/06/1913was granted at Belfast to Charles McKay Publician's Assistant. The probate was granted on the 8/10/1913.
    When looking round the graveyards (in the better weather) or if any information that would help you turns up I will of course let you know.
  3. michaelap

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    Dear Tullyhill-

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please forgive me, I do not know why, but I put Anne Galbraith in my original query when it should have been, of course, MARGARET. I had been dealing with many Annes that day and somehow it stuck!

    That is our James, OK, without doubt. I shall go through my notes and see what I can dig up on Margaret Galbraith but although the name has a definite Scots ring I am certain I have somewhere that she was a local girl. James did go Australia and certainly on business trips to England and Scotland but his wife I am sure was Antrim-born and I saw it once spelled GALBREATH but that may have been simply a clerical error. If it is any help I am sure I have somewhere also that she was a Protestant who converted to James' RC religion, but again I would have to check. I have short biographies of most of their eight children. I have the census and his will (his older brother, Patrick, my great-grandfather, by that time long resident in Dumbarton, was the executor). I have checked the Carnlough and Glenarm graveyards to no avail, Feystown is a possibility, I have been told, did not even know the place existed in truth, and I was planning a look there next time I get over (I live in Edinburgh).

    Anyway, any help gratefully received,

    Thanks again
  4. michaelap

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    Dear Tullyhill:

    As promised I went though my notes last night.

    Margaret Galbreath (with an ''e'' but probably clerical error as I have seen the two spellings used) [10/05/1842 - 26/05/1911] married James McKay [27/07/1837-24/06/1913], publican, Glenarm.

    Margaret Galbr(e?)aith's home is given as Carnave, Glenarm

    I tried to locate the email where it was, I am sure, said: ''she was a protestant who converted to James' RC religion'' but so far with no luck. In truth I was more interested in my own McKay line.

    But perhaps the specific DOB and death can help.
  5. Tullyhill

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    Dear Michaelap
    Thank you so much for the information. It will help to fill in another missing piece. Many people who live in Glenarm have the funeral service in the local RC Church and the burial is then in Feystown graveyard. I just might be able through friends to determine if there is a record of James McKay's and probably his wife burial in Feystown. If I suceed I will let you know.
    Of the 8 children born to James and Margaret I seem to be short of 2. The ones I have are Annie, Lizzie, Alexander, Maggie, Charles and James. Do you have a record of the missing children?
    Your help has been very much appreciated.
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  6. michaelap

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    Dear Tullyhill:

    I had the notes here by my pc when your message came in.

    I have Alice (1869-? ) ''married, issue'' This would suggest James and Margaret Galbraith were married in the later 1860s

    Ann (1870-1953) Nun in Belfast

    Elizabeth (1873-1959) took over the pub, married late, no issue

    Margaret (1877-1955) unmarried

    Alexander (1875-1943) ship's captain, unmarried

    Charles (1881-1915) unmarried

    James (1883-1948); went to Canada, reurned to Glenarm, married, issue.

    Kate (1881-1968) - Nun in Belfast

    Hope this helps.

    Please do not go out your way, but yes I would be delighted with any information on James' burial place. I still plan to go over in the spring to tie up loose ends in my own search in the Belfast GRO and in Glenarm/Carnlough.
  7. michaelap

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    Hi Tullyhill:

    Just to say I realise Charles and Kate are both down above as being born on 09/12/1881, clearly a clerical mistake by a year or so in the information I was given by a member of the family.

    A few more details: Oldest daughter, Alice, 21/03/1869, married a PATRICK TUITE, and emigrated to the USA c 1889/90. They had two sons and one daughter, James, Charles and Alice

    Anne was a Sister of Mercy nun in Belfast and Derry and known as Sr Columba.

    Lizzie married a DANIEL TODD, late in life.

    Kate (b 1881?) was a Sister of Mercy nun in Crumlin Road, Belfast.
  8. Tullyhill

    Tullyhill New Member

    Hi Michaelap
    Thank you very much for all the information on the children of James and Margaret. It has been a great help. I am gathering information on the different families of Galbraith's. They are all connected to each other in some way. The "some way" is proving rather difficult at present.
    It is only when someone like yourself has a Galbraith in their ancestry that I can tie up who belongs to which family
    After the New Year I will carry out my promise to seek information on the burial site of James and his wife Margaret.
    Would like to wish you a happy and peaceful New Year
  9. michaelap

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    A happy and peaceful New Year to you also, Tullyhill.

    I went back to my Townlands People and Traditions Felix McKillop book and there are many references to the Galbraiths (I am certain you must have read this) and Carnave. Excuse my ignorance, I did not even know Carnave was a Townland.
  10. Tullyhill

    Tullyhill New Member

    Hello Michaelap
    Have been to the graveyard at Feystown but could find no headstones with the name McKay. That is not to say that I might have missed it. I have also looked on site the History of Headstones and could only find 2 McKay's both in the Church of Ireland Churchyard in Glenarm.
    I'm sorry that I could not help this time. I do hope that you are successful in your search.
  11. michaelap

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    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort, it is appreciated.

    I am in touch with the son of James's now 93 year old granddaughter, but the old lady, perhaps understandably at that age, has so far been unable to pinpoint the grave. One of the family moved to Larne and he may have been buried there in 1913.

    Thanks again
  12. Desmond Magee

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    Alexander was my grandfather he married Mary McGookin .he died in January 1943 and is buried in Knockbreada cementery Belfast. They had 10 Children the ones that survived are Rita, Kathleen, Gorgina, Patricia, Evelyn, John, & Randell.
    Randell is Buried in Larne, John is Buried in Saltcoats Scotland Rita in Canada, Gorgina & Evelyn in Belfast, Patricia & Kathleen in England.
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  14. Desmond Magee

    Desmond Magee New Member

    Alexander was married and had 10 children he was a merchant seaman. He was my grandfather and died in January 1943 and is buried in Knockbreada Cementery Belfast.

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