Dillon - McKillop Cushendun

Looking for any pointers or suggestions to locate this family who moved to Scotland around 1841.
Hugh Dillon and Mary McKillop had about 6 children born in Ireland starting around 1827. I have attached the only piece of info I have come across and if anyone knows where or what this was taken from would be a big help. I have not located any birth or marriages for the above. Tried emailing the parish but unfortunately never had a reply. Been against this wall for a long time now.
Thanks in advance.


The document you have is from one of the pay to view sites such as Emerald Ancestors, or the Ulster Historical Foundation which has transcribed various sets of parish registers. In this case, Cushendun RC which is in Culfeightrin civil parish. The UHF site appears to have records for that parish from 1834 onwards. There don’t appear to be any earlier church records, so that will explain why you cannot find baptisms for children in the years 1827 – 1833, nor the parents marriage. Getting back further may be tricky.

The tithe applotment records for Culfeightrin in 1831 list just 1 Hugh Dillon. He was in the townland of Carey Mill, along with a Pat Dillon. So that could be your family.


By the time of Griffiths Valuation in 1861, there was 1 Dillon farm there, tenanted by Patrick Dillon. It was plot 4a which was 13 acres. That’s on the Churchfield Rd today, just near Ballyvoy. In 1865 Patrick changes to Hugh (suggesting Patrick may have died). Hugh is deleted in 1882 and replaced by Andrew Henry.

There was a Patrick Dillon death registered in Ballycastle on 26.5.1864, aged 60. You would need to look at the certificate on the GRONI site to see if it’s the man from Carey Mill.

There were no Dillons in that townland, or indeed anywhere in the parish, in the 1803 agricultural census, so they probably arrived after that year. Nearest in 1803 were in the nearby parish of Loughguile.

No Dillons in Carey Mill by the time of the 1901 census.
Thank you so much for all that Elwyn...I live in hope!
Yes I think his father was Pat and noted somewhere that he was a farmer and his mother was Charlotte McAllen.
They are all in Scotland by 1943 and traceble through census but unable to get death dates from anywhere.
Thank you though. You don't know what this means as I have been searching for anything about them in Ireland and came up with nothing.
Will go enjoy having a look around the tithe etc.
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