Duncan McLean/Elizabeth(Betsy) Mclauchlan c1800

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    Duncan McLean and Elizabeth Mclean, (Mc Lauchlan) lived in Campbeltown, Kintyre at the time of the 1841 census

    Flemings land Campbeltown

    Duncan McLean labourer Ireland 55
    Elizabeth McLean 40
    Andrew 18
    Catharine 12
    Margaret 10
    Hugh 8
    Elizabeth 6 all these born in Ireland
    Martha 3 born Argyllshire
    Christiana 9m
    Agnes Miller 20 female servant Ireland

    Son Charles is listed in another household as from Argyllshire, but later he is head of household and from Ireland.
    Duncan seems to have been a carter at some point in his life.

    It looks as though they made the crossing to Kintyre about 1838, which may have coincided with the poor relief laws and the decline in agriculture.

    So far I have found no indication of where they came from in Ireland.
    Maybe someone else has come across them and can help?

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