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    I am seeking descendants or relatives of Elizabeth Jean Sharpe, Andrina Alexandra Sharpe, or John Boyd Sharpe, who were children on the 1911 census. I believe that their great-grandfaher was William Boyd of Cape Castle. I am hoping that some member of their extended family will be able to tell me about William Boyd and his relatives. I suspect that he was a brother to my great-great-great-grandfather, John Boyd. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Hi there, I realized you wrote this 5 years ago!! But wondering if you found answers. I am also looking into my Boyd lineage and the two intersect. I have a Margaret Boyd(father is Andrew Boyd, farmer in Ballycastle) she married William John Boyd(farmer in Capecastle) His father is your William Boyd also a farmer in Capecastle. A lot of Boyd names!! I am also looking for a Dr. John Boyd and his siblings, he was a surgeon and have found some information on him and brother Andrew also a farmer. But I am also looking for a sister possibly Agnes or Nancy, she married Robert Robinson. If your William Boyd had a brother John that's two John Boyds about the same time period!! Birth around 1793. I dont think they are the same John Boyd but would be curious to know what you found out! Cheers! Kari

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