Halls, Toshs, Knoxs Ballymena/Antrim 1800s

I've been piecing together some family strands from Thornbury NZ in the 1880s back to Ballymena and the North generally in the 1820s. I'm related to a Hugh Hall and his wife Jane Tosh who settled in rural NZ in 1869. A DNA match linked me to a man who now lives in that area and has Hall relatives, we figured his ancestor John was a relation maybe to my Hugh. In the last few days I turned up some info that suggested another brother Andrew also settled in Thornbury NZ, and a John Hall and Elizabeth Tosh are given as witness on Hugh Hall's NZ marriage record. Bot Andrew and Hugh name a daughter with the middle name Knox and Hugh's father John Hall Snr appears to be married to a Mary Knox, so it has a few strings that link it up. I have a feeling based on another DNA match to a Hall line in Donegal that the line might have come to Antrim from there or from Antrim some might have gone there. Hunting for any clues or hint.

Sort of looks like this as a PURELY speculative line-