John McAuley 1766 IRE - 1828 MS with DNA trail

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  1. GoofusBroadway

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    Hello all!

    I've only just learned of this site, so I haven't had the time to read all posts re: McAuley, but will do so.

    I'm looking for a connection in Northern Ireland or Scotland for John McAuley (or MacAuley or McCauley or any other variant spelling), born about 1766, we think in Antrim, perhaps in Carrickfergus. We believe he was in North Carolina, USA, by 1786, as that's the year of birth we have for his 1st known child born there.

    We have no information on his ancestors or birth family. Lots of info on his descendants, though.

    Y-DNA results indicate Scottish origins - possibly around Dumbartonshire. We have a group of more than 12 descendants, all of whom have matching DNA test results; five are Y-DNA descendants of John. We know of at least one valid Y-DNA match in Antrim, but his family tree doesn't go back far enough due to destruction of Irish records.

    Can get Family Tree DNA names and/or GEDmatch IDs to you if you think you might have a connection.

    Would appreciate any leads or information.

    Happy New Year,
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  2. Sherri McC

    Sherri McC New Member

    I am also searching and have been unable to locate any other concrete information about John Sr. Please let me know if you find any information and I will do the same for you. I am a descendant of John McCauley Sr. (1766-1828). My great, great grandmother was Ellen Doras McCauley, daughter of Benjamin Franklin McCauley and Sarah Jane Walton. Benjamin (Frank) was the son of John McCauley Jr. and Mary Wells.
  3. GoofusBroadway

    GoofusBroadway New Member

    Sherri McC -- Thanks for writing. Sometimes I'm never quite sure if my posts are being seen, but, by golly, here's a reply! I'm thrilled!

    Our family tree is: My father is the home person.

    I appreciate having your lineage. I do have your gg-grandmother in our tree, along with 5 siblings. Unfortunately, I only have children for one of them: John Allen. Our source for the marriage record for Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Jane has her listed as "Mrs. Sarah Jane Vaughn". Was Walton her maiden name, then?

    We have information on several other descendants of John Sr's. Curiously, all of them are descended from either Samuel Wade or John Jr. I've not found any descendants of their sister Martha and none from John Sr's 2nd marriage.

    I'd like to get more details on your part of the family, if I could. If you don't want to post it here, my private email address is my ID here (GoofusBroadway) at gmail. Has anyone in your family done any DNA testing?

    Thanks again for reaching out.
  4. Celia Carroll

    Celia Carroll New Member

    If anyone has parentage for William Erin McCauley, I would appreciate hearing from you:
    Carrickfergus, Antrim, , Ireland
    He is father of William James McCauley, Esq., Sept, 1738 - 20 Dec 1825, Commander of the USS Enterprise; fought the Barbary pirates in 1807.

    Both men are in my public Ancestry tree: Carroll McCauley

    These are my husband's 6th and 7th great grandfathers, and I am at the end of the line! Perhaps the public records were destroyed, but maybe family records survive.
  5. Celia Carroll

    Celia Carroll New Member

    Hello Kathy,
    I am Celia Carroll in Santa Monica, CA. You are welcome to peruse my Carroll McCauley family tree in Ancestry.

    I have a John McCauley, born in 1766, died in 1842. The death date does not match yours, but you may find something you need. This is quite a clan - my husband's mother was Monnie Ruth McCauley in Hillsboro, Texas.

    I have not done our DNA, as I wanted to get as far back in the lines as possible, then do them.
  6. GoofusBroadway

    GoofusBroadway New Member

    Hello Celia,

    Sorry for the late response. I don't check this site very often and only just now found your post.

    Monnie Ruth McCauley Carroll was my 3rd cousin, which makes your husband my 3rd cousin 1x removed. If my calculations are correct, he would be the 5th g-grandson of John Sr; I'm a 4th g-granddaughter. Our most recent common ancestor is John Samuel McCauley, father of Samuel Franklin (my 2nd g-grandfather) and John Wade (your husband's 1st g-grandfather?).

    The backbone of my McCauley family tree is from the data collected and compiled by Monnie Ruth McCauley Carroll and Arthur Buel Skelton. They titled it "One McCauley Family That Came to Texas." Do you have a copy?

    So far, yDNA results for several (6?) of our confirmed McCauley-line boys indicate that our line and the line of William and Matthew McCauley of Orange County, NC, are not related on the paternal line. Of course, I have found only 1 man who claims direct descent from one of them -- Matthew, I think. His haplogroup (I2-M253) is completely different than our fellas (R-M269). However, 1 comparison does not a trend make, and I still am looking for more men with which to compare. If you know of any men who are direct male descendants of Matthew or William AND have tested yDNA (or are willing to), please let me know. I'd like to get that settled once and for all. The only way is through yDNA analysis.

    Also, if you know of any other direct male-line descendants in OUR line who haven't tested, I'd be interested to be in touch with them. My records indicate that Monnie Ruth had 4 brothers. Male descendants of one of them would be likely candidates.

    Also... there is a Yahoo group of us who are all McCauley cousins (or spouses of cousins). Would you be interested in joining?

    Please contact me at my email address at gmail: goofusbroadway.

    I recall seeing your tree when I do searches at Ancestry. Will also attempt to contact you there with a copy of this post.

    best wishes,
    Kathy McCauley
  7. Penny McC

    Penny McC New Member

    Hello Kathy,
    I am Penny McCauley from Silver City, NM. I read in a message you had posted on that the Irish McCauley brothers are supposedly shipbuilders. Can you tell me where you found this information?

    Also I am headed to County Antrim, Ireland next September. I am gathering every scrape of information I find to take with me. Hopefully I will find some answers to questions we all have about the McCauley Family that came to Orange county, NC.

    Thoughts, records, any digital material can be emailed to me on gmail at pgmccauley.

    Penny McCauley
  8. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    If you are planning to come to Co Antrim to look for McAuley families, it’s probably worth knowing that if you search the 1901 census there are about 1300 in the county (including variants). So it’s a very common name, then and today. In 1901, about 50% were RC and the remainder is split fairly evenly between Presbyterian and Church of Ireland. That overall number and the spread of denominations suggests that they don’t all share the same ancestry. Some may be native Irish and others descendants of Scots and even English settlers who arrived during the 1600s either as a part of the Plantation or the 1690s Scottish famine. (Consequently, if descended from incomer families, DNA testing could find matches in both Ireland and Scotland).

    Regarding the absence of records in Ireland, especially for the 1700s, it’s less that they were destroyed, more that they were never kept in the first place. It’s true that a significant number of Church of Ireland records were lost in Dublin in 1922 during the Irish civil war. (Ironically they had been sent there for safe keeping). But there were no Presbyterian or RC records stored there. They were not affected. Just that many churches in the 1700s didn’t keep any records. There are some that have been lost for reasons such as water damage, or the Manse burning down (as happened in Ballymoney in 1798, and where a fire scorched fragment remains) but many just didn’t keep any. The earliest RC records for the whole of Co Antrim start in Belfast in 1798 (St Pat’s). There are about 9 Presbyterian churches in the county that have records for part of the 1700s (probably out of a couple of hundred churches).

    Carrickfergus has been mentioned on this board. There are no Presbyterian records for that town in the 1700s (even though it was the site of the earliest Presbytery, established in the 1640s). However there are Church of Ireland records (baptisms, marriages and burials), starting in 1740. There’s a copy of those in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast.

    So for any research in this part of Ireland a key thing to know is your ancestor’s exact denomination.

    Though there was RC migration from Ireland in the 1700s, it wasn’t in huge quantities. RC emigration really started in the 1800s with the population explosion and also the famine (up from 3 million people in 1741 to 8 million in 1841. It’s only 6 million today). The majority of migrants from Co Antrim to the Carolinas in the 1700s were Presbyterian (ie Scots), though other denominations did go too.
  9. Penny McC

    Penny McC New Member

    Thanks! I'll look into the North Carolina Church records and try to determine which church the McCauley brothers attended here. These McCauleys came to Chapel Hill about 1871. Matthew may have political/criminal charges filed against him by the crown in Carrickfergus that encouraged his flight to the New World. Records hint at William arriving in Chapel Hill ahead of Matthew with the Johnstones who also came from County Antrim.

    This is an excerpt from the UNC archives:
    The McCauley family included Matthew McCauley, Sr. (1750-1832), who moved from Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland, to Orange County, N.C., prior to the American Revolution, served in the 10th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army, and, with his brother William, donated 250 acres for the University of North Carolina; and Matthew McCauley, Jr. (born 1803), youngest child of Matthew McCauley, Sr., and his wife, Martha Johnston McCauley.
  10. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    If you think Mathew may have been on the run in the 1770s, he might have been involved with the “Hearts of Oak Boys” who were up to mischief in and around Carrickfergus at that particular time.
    You might want to read D2095/18 on the PRONI website. It’s an account of the Hearts of Oakboys. (The document has been transcribed on-line). It explains the social context and peoples grievances, and details some criminal activities and disturbances around Carrickfergus in the latter half of the 1700s.

    (Search the e-catalogue).
  11. Penny McC

    Penny McC New Member

    Thank you tremendously!!!
  12. Bruce Eudy

    Bruce Eudy New Member

    William McCauley was my 5th great grandfather. I have a fair amount of information on the McCauleys who settled in Orange county NC. Williams portrait hangs in the Orange County Courthouse as he served a term as sheriff. He and his brother William donated the some of the original land to start UNC at Chapel Hill. If anyone wishes to contact me feel free. My email is My phone number is 919 698 7013. Be sure to tag it McCauley so I don't delete it. William and his brother were in fact ship builders from the info I have. I know where many of them are buried some of which will not come up in any records. I'd love to talk to any and all who are interested
  13. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Hi Celia, sorry I cannot help you with your question, but as a Macauley, it would be great if you could email me a source re William James McCauley and the USS Enterprise ? Many thanks, Ian
  14. Penny McC

    Penny McC New Member

    Dear Celia,
    I'm interested in learning your source for Erin McCauley's first name William? And the source for the son's second name James? And there's a huge controversy over the son William's wife's name. Do you have any hard facts on her name and family? I too am interested in your source for the USS Enterprise. Is it there that gives William his middle name as James?
    Feel free to email me at I'm off to Scotland Saturday, so will be out of pocket until the middle of the month. I'd love to compare notes with you then!
  15. Gary Mc Donald

    Gary Mc Donald New Member

    My grandfather was John Mc cauley
    Who was born in Antrim
    In the old blacksmiths in Antrim
    I’m unaware if it’s the same mccauleys
    But my grandfather moved to bessbrook
    He was married with four kids
    Then he met my grandmother and they had there own ten children

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  16. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

    I'm from Spain. I've just Known that my ancestors from Ireland lived in Ballycastle and Belfast in Antrim. They moved to Spain because they were catholic and they were pursued by english people. In my familytree, I have John MacAuley who was married with Theresa Magee. Their son arrived to Spain in XVIII century and he had a daughter in 1794 called Theresa MacAuley MacDermott.
  17. Sheila Anderson

    Sheila Anderson New Member

    I, too, am researching my McCauley (and all variations) in County Down. James McCauley was involved in the flax industry in some capacity. To my knowledge none of his descendants ever came to America. I think he was born c.1827 and died possible in 1913. He had a brother John who was married to a Catherine (maiden name unknown) He and sons and possibly brother James (wife Catherine Owens) owned a flax mill in county Down near Ballynahinch. None ever came to America. Sheila
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