Joseph Stewart 1871-1926

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I'm looking for information about Joseph Stewart 1871-1926

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  1. Thomas Weisser

    Thomas Weisser New Member

    I'm looking for information about family of Joseph Stewart 1871-1926
  2. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    A search of the GRONI deaths site for 1926 comes up with no-one of that name dying in 1926 (in Northern Ireland). There are 3 Joseph Stewarts of about the right age in the 1911 census for Co Antrim. None is a farmer.

    We really need a bit more information about your ancestor in order to help you. What’s the source of your information? How do you know he was a farmer? Where did he live? Did he marry, and if so have you looked for his marriage certificate?
  3. Thomas Weisser

    Thomas Weisser New Member

    He died in Mexico. He is listed in 1901 Census as a Missionary, 29 years old. It looks like he worked as a Missionary for the Christian Soldiers Association from 1897-1903 in Egypt and South Africa. In 1901 Census residence is listed as house 9, Rosedermott, Clough. In 1911 Census residence of family is house 16, Rosedermot, Clogh, Antrim. At that point he was a Missionary in Argentina. He would come back home off and on during his lifetime
  4. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    I think Joseph Stewart may have married Jane Hall on 13.8.1852, regd in Ballymena. You would need to get the certificate to check on that.

    Joseph Stewart is listed in Rosedermot in the revaluation records from 1864 onwards. The previous tenant was William Sloan. Joseph’s farm was on plot 11 which was just over 28 acres. He also had plot 12, another 19 acres. Today his farm is just off the Lislaban Rd. You can see its location on the maps on the Griffiths Valuation site.

    The revaluation records show Joseph in Rosedermot from 1864 onwards. His name remains as tenant right up until 1929, though clearly he was dead long before that. (He died on 17.11.1908. Wife Jane died 23.10.1905. Dau Mary died 17.6.1908 aged 54. All 3 are buried in Clough cemetery.

    A probate abstract (full file in PRONI):

    Stewart Jane of Rosedermot county Antrim spinster died 1 March 1925 Administration Belfast 24 April to Margaret Stewart spinster. Effects £5.

    The 1851 census lists this Stewart family in Rosedermot. Not sure if there’s a connection but if Joseph’s marriage certificate lists his father as John, then this may be him:
  5. Thomas Weisser

    Thomas Weisser New Member

    Is the house still standing?
  6. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    No I don’t think it’s still there. Looking at the farm on Google earth, I can see the lane in from Lislaban Rd but the far end doesn’t look to be used much. I don’t see a house standing at 11a. There are some mature trees there and it’s not 100% clear. There were some agricultural cottages that went with the farm - 11b & 11c in Griffiths. There are buildings where they stood (according to Griffiths map), but they might be more modern structures. It’s a bit fuzzy and I can’t really make out what they are. Might just be for cattle.

    It’s obviously not really possible to say with any great accuracy from an aerial view but the impression I get is that the owner of plot 10 (which is still a farm) has taken over the land that went with plot 11. So there’s a load of newish farm buildings near to where 11a stood, but obviously belonging to plot 10. You would need to go and ask locally to find out for certain.

    The on-line revaluation records show 11a remaining in the Stewart name up till 1929, which is when that series of records stops. PRONI has a subsequent series of records which cover the years 1932 to around 1960 (in the series VAL 3) which would tell you who lived there after that, or if and when it was abandoned during that period. The VAL 3 records are not on-line and a personal visit is required to access them.

    I can see from the modern phone book that there’s a J. Stewart living nearby at 22 Rosedermot Lane, Clough Mills, BT44 9PF. Perhaps there’s a connection?
  7. Thomas Weisser

    Thomas Weisser New Member

    Is Rosedermot a street or a town?
  8. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    Neither. It's a townland. 692 acres of mostly agricultural land.
  9. Thomas Weisser

    Thomas Weisser New Member

    Which Presbyterian Church would the Stewart family have been a part of?
  10. Elwyn

    Elwyn Member

    Can't say for certain. Presbyterians in Ireland don't use the parish system and so which church you attend is generally a matter of personal preference, and not necessarily the closest to where you live. I have known some Presbyterians around Clough & Clogh Mills to attend church in Cullybackey and Kilraughts, but I would start any search with Clough Pres church.

    Clough Presbyterian church has a stipend list dated 1864 which lists 7 Stewarts, all of whom would be adults. Alexander, Hugh, John (3 of them), Joseph & Samuel.

    Tradition was to marry in the bride's church so if you know where any of your Stewart females married, that may be a clue.

    Clogh Mills also has a Reformed Presbyterian church. (Sometimes known as Covenanters).
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  11. Hugo Merino

    Hugo Merino New Member

    Hi Thomas Weisser, i have great news for you, my name is Hugo Merino, i'm a visual artist based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, last Saturday i was taking photos in a cemetery that a really love and i was in a section where many foreign people rests, there are many graves of people of the U.S., Germany and other countries, many of these graves are really old, well, sometimes when i see a grave that catches my attention, i try to discover who this people were and today i google the name JOSE Stewart and i find this forum


    If this is the person you are looking for, just let me know and i can send you photos of the grave and the Cemetery where he is resting
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