Looking for information on Skelton and O'Loan in Cushendall Region

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    My name is Tim Dickinson from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I am a descendant of Daniel (Don) Henry Skelton born in Cushendall who has two children Jamie (surname unknown), my uncle and Amanda Dickinson (nee Skelton), my mother. Daniel has/had a brother Malachy Skelton who became a priest and possibly moved to the United States.
    A few years ago (about 15 years) a man named Danny O'Loan (possible in his forties now) who lived in the Northern Antrim area contacted my mother by telephone in Melbourne and he and I started an email exchange when I was around the age of 13-15. The plights of technology ensued I have since lost this information and all contact with Danny.

    I am after help or information on two things:
    • Does anyone know of any people related to the Skelton family line who might live on in the Cushendall region; specifically Danny O'Loan?
    • I have included two photographs below of a house and an intersection presumably in Cushendall, does anyone have information on the whereabouts of these two places?
    I am trying to locate more information on my grandfather and his parents (date of birth, parents names etc.) and will update this thread as I find it.

    Many thanks for any information or advice you can give me!



    Glens of Antrim Hotel and snow covered street.jpg house in Cushendall.jpg
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    There’s 1 Skelton in the Cushendall area but the phone number is ex-directory. 2 O’Loans in Cushendall. You can look them up (postcode BT44):

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    Hello Tim,
    I knew "Mally" Skelton well, sadly he has since passed away and is buried in the local graveyard. There are also several O'Loan families and I know a Danny O'Loan. The two photographs you've posted are on Shore Street, Cushendall. The House is at the Shore Street end of what is known as "the back lane" and is still there unchanged. The snow scene is also Shore Street, the sign on the right is for the Glens Hotel, and would be at the top of the lane where the house is, The Hotel itself is on the left side of the road and you can clearly see the wall at the entrance to the Glens Hotel, now also gone.
  4. Tim Dickinson

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    That's very sad to hear, but great to hear from someone who knew Mally. Would you be able to give me any more information about Mally, like how long ago he passed away?

    Would you also mind telling me a bit more about the Danny O'Loan that you know?

    I'll PM you my details.

    Many thanks!
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    Hi Tim, I sent you an email...did you get it ?
  6. Tim Dickinson

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    Yes! I did, thank you so much. I've not replied yet and that is very bad on my behalf. I'll get back to you asap!
  7. Hi Tim,
    I visited Mally's grave in 2007 (I've attached his headstone).
    Think I sent you a link to my family tree, where you able to access it? The Skelton's from Cushendall are relatives on my dads side. Owen Skelton 1871-unknown - son James 1897-1955 married my great aunt Mary Josephine O'Loan their son Daniel (Don) Henry 1930 is my dads cousin.
    If you want more info please send a message.

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