Maud Stewart Jackson and Ballycastle High School

I’m currently researching Wicklow women’s involvement in unionist politics in the early 20th century, and in the course of this work, have come on the name of Maud Stewart Jackson of Ballycastle, who signed the Ulster Declaration in 1912 in Greystones, Co Wicklow. Actually, she signed twice – once here in Greystones, where she was presumably holidaying, and also at Ballycastle, but we’ll let that pass!

Maud was the daughter of Thomas Stewart Jackson, schoolteacher, and was awarded a BA by the Royal University in 1888. Thomas Stewart Jackson taught for many years at Mocasquin, Coleraine, and subsequently established the High School at Ballycastle, assisted by Maud. He died in 1915, and I have only sketchy details of Maud after that – she travelled to Madeira with her brother, James, in 1925, giving her address as the Irish Free State, and died in Co Meath in 1934, aged 68.

I’m wondering if anybody in your society may know anything about Maud or her family – she had two siblings, James (who was a barrister, and died in Macosquin in 1957) and a sister, Minnie. I’d be interested to know more about Maud’s career, both in Ballycastle and following her father’s death. Did she continue on at Ballycastle or move elsewhere? And do you have any more information on Thomas, who seems to have been an interesting and significant figure in his own right?