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    I am new at searching family genealogy, but in my recent research ran across information on John McCANDLESS, my 5th great grandfather, who was suppose to have come from Antrim, Ireland. His birth date was about 1740-1750. He married Jane CAROTHERS born about the same time and died in 1820 in the United States. She too came from Antrim or Down. I have no information on when they came to the United States but their son, James M. McCANDLESS, my 4th great grandfather, was also born in Ireland about 1772 and died in 1840 in Pennsylvania. After relocating to the United States, mostly in the Butler County, Pennsylvania area, the family prospered and owned a considerable amount of land in that area. I would appreciate any information regarding the McCANDLESS and/or CAROTHERS families of Antrim, Ireland. So sad not to know the history of the family!
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    Hello, I have been doing genealogy for quite a while and I am related to George McCandless, another son of John McCandless and Jane Carothers.

    Below is some information I have accumulated from multiple sources on John and Jane McCandless.

    John and Jane (Carothers) McCandless lived in County Down Ireland, and were the parents of six children: John, George, James, William, Jane and Elizabeth. When these sons grew to manhood they longed to come to the new country of which they had heard and read so much--the United States of America. But they feared that the country might not be all it was represented to be. So the family sent their son George to visit America and report. George's older brother John, with his wife and little daughter emigrated to America shortly after.
    Our ancestors, John and Jane Carothers McCandless came to this country before 1796 from the County Down Ireland. Our McCandlesses were Scotch-Irish, that is, Scotchmen translated into Ireland. There is no evidence to show that they inter-married with the Irish in Ireland.
    John and Jane, upon their arrival in the United States, came to Carlisle, Pennsylvania where George and John were residing. They soon joined a large party made up for the purpose of migrating across the mountains to the wilderness of western Pennsylvania. On their arrival in Plum township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, the parents, John and Jane McCandless established their permanent home, and lived the remainder of their lives."

    John and Jane are believed to be buried at the old stone church on a hill above Turtle Creek in Plum Township near Monroeville. No tombstones were found but some are deteriorated and can't be read.

    Below is some information I have found on James McCandless.

    JAMES MCCANDLESS, third son of John MCCANDLESS, Sr., married Margaret MOORE, and resided in this township down to his death, in 1840. His wife survived him until 1847, and many of their descendants are still residents of the township. (From History of Butler Couny, 1895). His barn was the first frame building in Center Township. His farm located one mile south of Unionville on the Butler-Mercer Turnpike (Route 8).

    If you would be interested in more information, let me know.

    Larry Barner
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    Hi Larry,

    Nice to meet a distant cousin of the McCandless branch of the family. I certainly appreciate all of the information you provided me regarding James McCandless, third son of John and Jane Carothers McCandless. Apparently there must not be any information as to what part of Scotland John and Jane originally came from.

    Do you have any idea what type of occupation John McCandless pursued while residing in Ireland? Since the sons seem to have been very prosperous in varying ways after arriving in the United States, I would assume their father John must have been their inspiration and role model. Also, does anyone know why the family decided to leave Ireland?

    Too bad about the older tombstones above Turtle Creek being in such poor condition. They could probably have given some much needed answers to many unanswered questions.

    Any further information you may be willing to share would certainly be appreciated. Do you know if there is ever a McCandless family reunion in Pennsylvania, or any other location for that matter? I live in California but am hoping to get back to PA later this summer. If you care to reach me with additional information, my personal email address is:

    Thanks again.

    Judy (Cain) Bowser
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    I, too, am very new at this. Am currently researching my grandmother's surname of BARRISKELL. I'm told they were displaced to Ireland during the "clearances" (thus name changed to Barriskill). Have found many different branches, but am sure they are all from the same family and that's the link I'm trying to find. The Ulster Historical Foundation has a record of the marriage of John Barriskill to Jane McCandless on Nov.3, 1835 in Parish/District Seapatrick, Co. Down. They were married in Holy Trinity Church of Ireland Banbridge and witnesses were Samuel McCandless and John MacKey. Can you offer anything further? Are these the same McCandlesses?
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    I am also a McCandless on my mother's side. I am confused. I gave a James McCandless and that his father was James William McCandless. Is that not correct. Is it just William. My grandfather was Potter R McCandless son of Arthur C McCandless 1861_1936. Son of John A McCandless 1831_1899. Son of James McCandless 1708_1898 now this is where I'm unsure. I found on Ancestry that his father was James William McCandless 1772_1840. But aftercreading thisvthread I may be wrong. It has this James William born in Ireland. I'm new to this searching about 9 months. I started since I don't know anything about my dad's sidebar the family.
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