McCurry from Tavnaharry, Glen Ballyeamon

I read with interest some articles on this site. In particular, "My Glen Ballyeamon" by Mrs. Rose Emerson and two articles on Mullinaskeagh all mention McCURRYs from Tavnaharry. My GG-grandparents, Henry and Rosetta McCURRY were from Tavnaharry and Henry is listed in the 1861 Griffith's valuation. In 1880, Rose emigrated to the USA as a widow with her son Archibald, her daughter Margaret (widow of a Hugh McKEEGAN), Margaret's young children and an Alex McKEEGAN born ~1862. They joined another child of Henry & Rose, Bridget, (my G-grandmother) who was already in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY and was married to John McKEEGAN.
I'd like explore possible family ties with others connected to the Tavnagharry McCURRYs.
Thanks in advance- Paul Monaghan
Hello my name is Paul McCurry and my grandfather was Henry McCurry. As a resident of Tavnaharry I would be most interested to find out any information you have on Richard McCurry and any other family ties. It would be interesting to find out how long the McCurry name has featured in Tavnaharry
Hello Paul,

I've been trying to understand the connection between my GG-grandfather Henry McCurry (died~1880) and the McCurry families who remained in Tavnagharry. The limited information I have is from the 1861 Griffith's valuation, the revision books through 1924, and the 1901 and 1911 censuses. You may already have all this, but here's my summary.

From <1861 until ~1883, the two McCurry property was associated with James and Henry. (I'd like to know how they are related.)

After Henry died and his widow (my GG-grandmother Rosetta) and others left for America in 1880, his property was inhabited by a Richard McCurry- possibly the same Richard listed in the 1901 census with wife Martha. (I don't know if this Richard was Henry's son, nephew or other- but I'd sure like to know.)

From ~1883 to 1899 the revision books list Richard at both properties. (Was it the same person, or two different Richards?) Then in 1899, one property is listed to James. I'm assuming James is Richard & Martha's son who would have been about 27 at the time.

If I'm analyzing correctly, Richard & Martha from the 1901 census are your GG-grandparents, and we're related- but exactly how?

Paul Monaghan

Updated response-
Paul- I forgot to mention that I have quite a bit of information on descendants of Richard McCurry (b:1845) and Martha McKinty who married in 1869. Much of it is with special thanks to Katie McCurry of the John McCurry / Annie McAuley branch.
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Hi There. My Grandmother was a Mc Curry She married a James Mc Auley who was a ships Captain and they lived at Cloghs Farm. They had one Son and Three Daughters. Mary was married to Johnny Mc Killop and lived in Cushendall. Maggie was married to Jimmy Mc Allister and they lived in Tully, My Mother was married James Burns and we Lived in cloughs until 1948 when also moved to Cushendall. My Mothers brother was also a ships Captain and he was lost during the second world war, running supplies to support the Russian effort and eventually the demise of Hitler. He was married and lived in Clydebank. Scotland. His family consisted of Girls and I last visited their home in 1966 to attend the funeral of his wife.
Hello all. My name is Pat McCurry, and I am just new to this forum. I am descended from an Archibald McCurry who came from Co Antrim to Grey County (Owen Sound), Ontario, Canada around 1846. His parents may have been John McCurry and Catherine Murphy (1768-1866), who also came to the same area of Canada with other children. His wife was Ann Hamilton, daughter of Archibald Hamilton and Ann McClarty, all of whom also settled in the same area of Canada along with other family members. Pre-Canada records from Ireland are very scarce, but it seems that the Hamiltons & McClartys came from Tavnaharry, so perhaps the McCurrys & Murphys did too? In your searches, have you found any info on McCurry relatives that might mesh with my ancestors? Looking forward to hearing from you! Pat McCurry, Ottawa Canada.