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  1. rainlady

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    I am interested in making contact with any McCurry's in the Cushendall area. My Great-grandmother was Margaret McCurry and was born in Cushendall in 1881. From what I hear all of the McCurry's in the area are related and I would love to see if they have any info on the family.
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    Just a quick note to ask if you have seen the McCurry Family [maybe you have contributed to this] on the Ancestry family tree site - There are McCurrys from Cushendall there - I have a Fred McCurry living in Coleraine marrying into my Palmer Family [who were living near Limavady at the time in Ballarena Station House - 1900 or so].
  3. rainlady

    rainlady New Member

    Thanks for the info. I am sure that they are related somehow, but I just can't seem to find a way to link it all together. The only info I have is on my GGrandma and her immediate family. This is what I have:

    James McCurry b. 1841 in Cushendall, Antrim, Ireland d. After 25 July, 1893. He was married to Susan McCarry b. in Clough, Cushendall, Antrim, Ireland to John McCarry. Both died in Ireland, presumably in the Cushendall area.

    Rosetta McCurry b. 24 Dec 1871 in Cushendall d. 8 Oct 1964 in Cushendun
    m. John McNeill b.Abt 1847 in Cushendun d. 18 Aug 1945 in Cushendun.
    -They have several children and I do have some contact with this family, but they only have info on the McNeill side.

    Mary McCurry b. Bef 1869 in Cushendall
    m. Patrick McAuley
    James McAuley d. at sea m. Charlotte McCollam
    Mary McAuley m. Johnny McKillop
    -Cathrine McKillop
    Maggy McAuley m. James McAlister b. Tully, Cushendall, Antrim, Ireland
    Rosetta McAuley m. Unknown Burns
    -Anthony Burns
    -Mary Burns
    -Frank Burns
    -Patrick Burns
    -Teresa Burns m. Tom Crawley
    -Gerard Burns
    -Gemma Burns m. Joseph McNeill

    James McCurry b. Bef 1870 Cushendall d. at sea
    m. Mary McKillop
    m. Lizzy Darragh b. Cloughs, Cushendall d. 1937

    John McCurry b. Aft 1872 Cushendall
    m. Unknown McCambridge b. Cairns, Cushendall

    Margaret McCurry (my Ggrandma) b. 1881 Cushendall d. 19 Feb 1928 Boston, Mass., USA
    m. Joseph James Handrahan on 18 Jan 1911 in Boston

    Susan McCurry (Margaret's twin) b. 1881

    This is all I have. It seems nearly impossible to find any records on this family, so any information that anyone may have would be helpful.
  4. rainlady

    rainlady New Member

    It is so wonderful to hear from you. I have been searching for remaining McCurry family for a long time. I would love any information that you could give me about the family. Please email me at
  5. albert

    albert New Member

    My name is Gerrard Burns formeley from Cushendall Co Antrim.
    My grandmother was Mary Mc Curry born prior to 1869, she married Patrick Mc Auley and they lived at Cloughs Farm, Cushendall, I am their Grandson, I am the son of Rosetta Burns, Nee Mc Auley who was married on the 17th of January 1927 and initially lived at Cairn Casle.
    If anyone can assist me with information to complete my family tree, I would be most grateful.
    Thanks for now.
    Gerard Burns.
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  6. rainlady

    rainlady New Member

    I am very excited to hear from you. Unfortunately the number that was listed in your reply is not working. I would really love to talk to you. Please reply here or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. kevin

    kevin New Member

    Hi, greetings from thailand.
    My name is kevin kennedy,im originally from cushendall,and going on what ive just read it looks like we are related.
    My great grand father was captain patrick mc auley,and his wifes maiden name was mc curry they married in cushendall ,and had a small farm in clough
    One of their daughters mary mc auley was my grandmother,who married my grandfather johnny mc killop,they had five children,one of which was my mother,her name was brigit,she married my father desmond kennedy in 1950.
    Ihave photographs of my great grandfather,and my great grandmother mc curry.
    please get in touch,hopefully i can be of some help to you.
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  8. albert

    albert New Member

    Hello Kevin.
    Nice to hear from you, sorry for the delay in responding but we were away for a few days.
    I forwarded a lengthy response to the email address however I was informed that there was no such an address held.
    You can contact me on if you would like to.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
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  10. danielle

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    Hello my name is Danielle Burns i have noticed on the website you have been in touch with my Grandad (Gerard Burns). Ii would appreciate any information you can supply in respect of your family history, to see how it will merge with my family history.
    really looking forward to your response Danielle Burns
  11. paul

    paul New Member

    Patrick McAuley married Mary McCurry in 1889 at Waterfort, RC, Larne
  12. albert

    albert New Member

    Thank you for the information in respct of my Grandparents marriage.
    Should you wish to contact me direct to see if there are any other parcels of information that may be useful to me, then please use the email address that is shown on this website.
    Thank you.
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  13. KatieMcCurry

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    My name is Katie McCurry. My fathers name is Patrick McCurry, from Cushendall Co. Antrim. My Great Great grandfather was Richard McCurry Born 1845, Married to Martha McKinty and they lived in Tavnagharry. He was a brother of James McCurry of Clough, married to Susan McCarry. I have loads of information on Richard McCurrys side of the family and i would love to share information with you and learn about my American relations
    looking forward to speaking to you soon,
  14. monaghan-p

    monaghan-p New Member

    Hello Katie. My name is Paul Monaghan from NY, USA My G-grandmother Bridget McCurry of Tavnagharry was born ~1850 and married John McKeegan (1841) of Clouglass. I don't know where they married, but all their children were born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY beginning in 1871. Bridget's parents were Henry McCurry and Rosetta. Rosetta, as a widow, came to Greenpoint in 1880 with 2 other children, Margaret, widow of Hugh McKeegan, and Archibald. I'd be glad to share more information on their descendants. My email is ''
    Paul (please see my other forum posts)
  15. PJMcCurry

    PJMcCurry New Member

    Hello all. My name is Pat McCurry, and I am just new to this forum. I realize this thread of posting is a bit old now and maybe not even active, but hopefully one of you may be checking it occasionally. I am descended from an Archibald McCurry who came from Co Antrim to Grey County (Owen Sound), Ontario, Canada around 1846. His parents may have been John McCurry and Catherine Murphy (1768-1866), who also came to the same area of Canada with other children. His wife was Ann Hamilton, daughter of Archibald Hamilton and Ann McClarty, all of whom also settled in the same area of Canada along with other family members. Pre-Canada records from Ireland are very scarce, but it seems that the Hamiltons & McClartys came from Tavnagharry, so perhaps the McCurrys & Murphys did too? In your searches, have you found any info on McCurry relatives that might mesh with my ancestors? Looking forward to hearing from you! Pat McCurry, Ottawa Canada.

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