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    I am currently investigating my McFall/McKendry ancestory and have been put in touch with this great web page.

    My great great grandfather was one Andrew McFall (a widower) who married one Jane McKendry (her father was William McKendry) on 7 January 1876 at Cullybackey Presbyterian Church. Their residence was described as Ballyclare (sp?)Andrew and Jane went on to have 2 children (that i know of), Andrew jnr (B:1877 -my great grandfather) and George (B:1881) who were both born/registered Parks, Ahoghill. Andrew jnr then left the area for Glasgow (as did George) and married Margaret Law (of Glasgow). They then immigrated to Durban in 1911and subsequently had my grandfather, John Law McFall (they also had an older son). it would be great to find out if there were any other brothers/sisters as well as the name of Jane McKendry's mother so as to fill in some gaps! many thanks !
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    I'm Mary
    I also have a McFall marrying a McKendry
    My great grandfather George McFall married Elizabeth McKendry at Ahgohill in 1882
    They had four children that I know of, Agnes b1884 who married Thomas Dallas, Lizzie b 1886 ,George b 1888 (my grandfather) and Maggie b1893.
    The family moved to Glasgow before George was born in 1888
    George senior's father was John McFall who married Fanny Surgenor at Kirkinriola Ballymena in 1838.

    There may be a connection, who knows?
  3. Cally

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    Hi Mary

    Thank you so much for your email. i think there is a connection! on my g-g- grandfather Andrew McFall and Jane McKendry's marriage certificate (7 Jan 1876) the witnesses were George McFall and Elizabeth with 'her Elder' written, though this could have been her last name (if you like i can scan it in and send to you?). Andrew' McFall's father is listed as John (my g-g-g-granfather)and his occupation as Butcher. Jane McKendry''s father is listed as William and his occupation as 'weaver'. if you know the name of the your Elizabeth McKendry's father and occupation and they match, well there should be a connection! i hope your George and my Andrew as shown on the wedding certificat were perhaps brothers as that would fill in my gap with regards to John McFall's (the butcher) wife and other siblings! have a good week-end, regards Cally. PS: hope this makes sense to you!
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    Hello again,

    Thank you for replying so quickly. I also think that there is a connection.
    I have George McFall's father as John b c 1820 who married Fanny Surgenor, her father was George Surgenor and John's father was Andrew, shown as of Brocklemont. There are Georges and Andrews dotted all over my family tree, my brother is Andrew and I have a cousin George. What I didn't mention was that George McFall married Margaret Elder before he married Elizabeth McKendry, George and Margaret had three children as far as I know :- Margaret, Eliza and John. I think also that perhaps George and Andrew were brothers, and perhaps Jane and Elizabeth were sisters or maybe cousins. It would be really good if you could scan Andrew and Jane's wedding cert. for me. According to the SR Death Returns Elizabeth McFall ( McKendry) died in Springburn Glasgow in 1909

    Kindest regards
  5. Cally

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    Hi Mary! all very exciting! I find the family tree thing very addictive! I am going to scan the certificate in at work on Monday and will email from work as not sure if can add attachments on this forum.

    Since your George's first wife carried the surname of 'Elder' (as you will see on the certificate) then your George must have been Andrew's brother! has to be! My grandfather, John also had a brother called George! all these Georges and Andrews!!!

    best wishes
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    hi, cally. 1901 census glasgow has,
    Andrew mcfall age24 blacksmith born ireland living at 799 Springburn rd lodger with james mckinlay age 30 wife margaret nee walker age 30 born ireland,and family.

    no3 hill st springburn
    head bessy mcfall age 46 born ireland washerwoman
    lizzie dtr 15
    jane 13
    george 12
    maggie 6

    1128 dumbarton rd partick
    george mcfall age30 bakers van man born ireland
    charlotte wife age 24
    allother mcfalls from ireland in glasgow 1901 from glenarm to glasgow 1891,
    1901 census Archie mcfall isabella montgomery and grandparents,
    archie mcfall glasgow
  7. maryberriman

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    Hi Archie
    The family you list a 3 Hill Street is mine, Bessie was my great grandmother, although I don't know any more than that. George was my paternal grandfather who died before I was born so I never knew him. I have one photo of him that my grandmother had kept all her life, when my Dad died it came to me.

    Kindest regards
  8. Cally

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    Hi Archie

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my email. The Andrew McFall on the 1901 census is my g-grandfather. He was born on 26 Aug 1877 in Galgory, district of Ballymena (making him 24 in 1901 so we know it is the same guy!). He married Margaret Law (born 18 Sept 1881) on 5 July 1907 of Glasgow. Witnesses were Samuel Law and Margaret Clark. Andrew and Margaret then took their chances and sailed for Durban. He left on the Avondale Castle with his brother George on 3 June 1911 and arrived into Durban 37 days later! Their wives and children sailed for Durban on the Dunluce Castle on 30 Dec 1911. None of them returned to Glasgow. My g-grandfather died on 2 June 1944 and my g-grandmother on 21 September 1957. Both are buried in the Stellawood Cemetery in Durban. My grandfather, their son (John Law McFall), was born in Durban on 19 Dec 1918 and died on 21 April 1997. My grandfather's eldest brother, also an Andrew (!!) was born in Glasgow and died in South Africa. Thanks for the info on the 1901 census, much appreciated as every little bit helps to put the puzzle together! thank you!
  9. archiemcfall

    archiemcfall New Member

    check this looks good, 1901 census found george at 16 john carrick st where andrew wed margaret law.
    ref 644/03 111/03 024
    john law age50 iron fitter born glasgow martha wife age53 b glasgow
    james son 22 fitter, MAGGIE age19,agnes 17, samuel 15 marraige witness,
    mathew nephew age8, addie begg visitor age 10john barbeg boarder 48,with GEORGE MCFALL age 20 boarder.
    all workers at springburn cowlairs railway engin works .
    where did they learn there trade. note a mcfall blacksmith inballymena records ??
  10. maryberriman

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    Hi Archie,
    Three generations of my father's McFall family worked in the railway workshops in Springburn. My Dad served an boilermaking apprenticeship at St Rollox , his father and grandfather before him had worked in the 'Caley'. Springburn at the time was known as 'Railway Town' all hard, hardworking men.
  11. archiemcfall

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    hi . all, a few years back on my searches for mcfall, note that mcfall, mcfaul, same as my grandparens children at there death certs changed to mcfaull, from wed certs mcfall,
    this andrew mcfall. age 21 weaver, father john bleacher wed 22/8/1857 to mary ann moore or mcleanay widow age 26, father john mcleanay
    children, elizabeth b1867, henry 1869,margaret, 1872, john 1874, pos daughter sarah jane born 27 june1858 wed liverpool.
    is this not same andrew mcfall soldier, now widower wed 7/1/1876 at cullybacky to jane mc hendry, andrew borne1877, george 1881.

    same church at cullybacky presp. as above, has george mcfall weaver wed26/2 1875, margaret elder, elizabeth born1876, margaret1875/john,1877.
    do you have records with streets with mcfall 1861 ballymena area? can look up.
  12. maryberriman

    maryberriman New Member

    Hello Archie,

    The George McFall you mention who married Margaret Elder was my great grandfather. He was also widowed and went on to marry Elizabeth McKendry at Ahgohill 21st Dec 1882. Elizabeth was my great grandmother. We beleive that she was also widowed as on my grandfather George's birth cert. she is shown as previously named Johnston m.s Mckendry. She had living with her at the 1891 census Mary Johnstone aged 18 - daughter. On her death cert. in 1909 she is shown as the widow of 1. Thomas Johnstone a joiner and George McFall .It must be the same family. I have no other information, but would be very grateful for any lookups you can provide.

  13. jeakenny

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    Hi Cally et al.

    I am related to this family from the Law side and have quite a bit of information including census and certificates. Have just been looking into the emigration to South Africa and have some of the McFall death records from the archives of South Africa. Look forward to contact to share information.

  14. jeakenny

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    BTW George and Andrew married sisters and all emigrated to South Africa. I have the listing of children born in Scotland but will have to look them up now!
  15. jeakenny

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    Hi Archie

    I am looking at this family also. The nephew in the census (Matthew) is my ggguncle who also went to South Africa with this family. He died in 1926 of TB and his death record was signed by Andrew Mcfall. I have Matthew's death record and would be please to share any information.

  16. Janice M

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    My "Elder" family was from the same area. They also moved to Glasgow.

    John Elder (birth approx. 1818) married Margaret (Peggy) Stuart April 7th, 1842. John died April 1st, 1898 in Craigs, Antrim. Margaret died May 29th, 1904 in Craigs, Antrim.)
    They had (at least) 6 children.
    John (who married Margaret McAllister) - moved to Glasgow
    Robert (who married Susan Best) - moved to Glasgow
    Isaac (who married Margaret McIntosh and later Jane Russell) - moved to Glasgow
    Joseph (who married Margaret Fyfe) moved to Glasgow
    Thomas (who married Mary Johnston) - moved to Glasgow
    Annie (who married Henry Smyth) - stayed in Ireland & belonged to Culleybackey Presbyterian Church)

    I have the death certificate for Elder David Parents: David Elder & Elizabeth Wallace
    in 1940 in Springburn, along with many other Elder's in Glasgow.

  17. tenordrummer

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    I notice you have a lot of information regarding the McFall branch of the family. My great-great grandmother was named Rachael McKendry. Her husband was George. He was a farm laborer. They lived in the Clogh area of County Antrim during the mid 1800s. Their daughter, Sarah McKendry, married Samuel Kennedy in 1872. That's where they were living at the time. Any connection?
  18. Megan

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    Hi Cally,
    I know you posted this a long time ago but i seems that Andrew McFall, Janes husband is my great great Grandfather as well. Andrews son George who had a son called George was my grandfather. My family still live in the Durban area since my great grandfather immigrated all those years ago. i have found some information that i thought may prove helpful should you need it. i found that Jane's mothers name was Rachel however it said her father was Charles? i'm not sure about this. I also found that Andrew and George(the ones who immigrated) had an older brother called William. It appears that William however lived and died in Ahoghill. He was married twice and had five children. I was wondering if you had any more infortmation that may help me on my search. i hope my information can be of some sort of help.

    Kind regards
  19. Shane McCurdy

    Shane McCurdy New Member

    Hello - I am looking to contact members of this McFall family - the descendants of Andrew McCall [1877-1944] and his brother George McFall [1881] - both of who emigrated to South Africa, with their wives, who were sisters, Margaret and Agnes Law.
    Their father was Andrew McFall who is glean was born about 1836, and had been married twice, his second wife being Jane McKendry ... it might be that she was a daughter of William John McKendry and a Mary McCurdy ... hence my interest ...
    I'd be delighted to hear from any descendants as I am trying to piece together the known descendants of these McFall families.
    Shane McCurdy
    Northern Ireland
  20. Hi
    I am researching the McFall family from Carninie in Ballymena. I am trying to locate images of that family for my research. If anyone has images they are willing to share it would be appreciated if I could be sent an e-copy. I have attached a decendents list below. Thanks in advance.

    Descendants of Andrew McFall:
    1-Andrew McFall b. , Brocklemont, Ireland
    2-John McFall b. Abt 1819, d. 10 Jun 1879, Ahgohill, Antrim, Ireland
    +Fanny Surgenor​
    3-George McFall
    +Margaret Elder b. 1854, County Antrim, Northern Ireland​
    4-Eliza McFall b. 4 Apr 1876, Ahgohill, Antrim, Ireland
    +Elizabeth McKendry​
    4-Mary Johnstone b. Abt 1871
    3-Andrew McFall b. Abt 1839, Ballymena Prespyterian Church, Kirkinriola, Ballymena, Ireland, d. 20 Oct 1909,
    Ballymena Prespyterian Church, Kirkinriola, Ballymena, Ireland
    +Jane McKendry b. Abt 1851, Antrim, Ireland, d. 10 Feb 1911, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland​
    4-Andrew McFall b. 25 Aug 1877, Parks, Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland, d. 2 Jun 1944, Durban, South Affrica
    +Margaret Law b. 18 Sep 1881, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 21 Sep 1957, Durban, South Affrica​
    5-Andrew McFall b. 24 Jun 1908, 33 John Carrick Street, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland
    5-John Law McFall b. 19 Dec 1918, Durban, South Affrica, d. 21 Apr 1997
    4-George McFall b. 12 Jan 1881, Parks, Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland, d. 1972, Durban, South Affrica
    +Agnes Law b. 29 Oct 1883, 3 Balgary Bank Street, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland​
    5-Martha Erwin McFall
    4-Mary McFall b. 18 Dec 1882, Lurhau, Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland
    +Wm Glass
    4-Fanny McFall b. 27 Mar 1885, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland
    +Rob Jas Noodcock​
    4-Elizabeth McFall b. 27 Mar 1885, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland
    +Andrew Wright​
    5-Andrew Wright b. 18 Apr 1903, Leymore, Ballymena, Ireland
    5-John Wright b. 11 Jul 1904, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland
    5-George Wright b. 3 Jan 1908, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland
    4-William McFall b. 9 Jan 1890, Parks, Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland, d. 1960, Stobhill Hospital, 133 Balornock Rd,
    Glasgow G21 3UW
    +Margaret Stevely b. 22 Sep 1889, 21 Lilliput Street, Belfast, Ireland, d. 26 Apr 1930, 25 Drumbottie Road
    Balornock Glasgow​
    5-Andrew McFall d. Abt 1976, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland
    5-Jane McFall b. 24 Aug 1915, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland, d. Abt 1976, Post Glasgow, Inverclyde,
    +James Milloy​
    5-Mary Stevely McFall b. 24 Mar 1921, Ireland, d. 23 Sep 2005, Victoria Infirmary, Langside Road, Glasgow
    +William Murdoch b. 31 Oct 1927, Scoutston and Yoker, Glasgow, Scotland, d. 13 Aug 2012, Gartnavel
    General Hospital, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 0YN​
    5-Margaret McFall b. 30 May 1923, Ballymena Prespyterian Church, Kirkinriola, Ballymena, Ireland, d. 18 Oct
    1993, Erskine Hospital
    +Robert Young McLean b. 4 Jun 1913, Glasgow, Scotland, d. 29 Jan 1995, Erskine Hospital, Glasgow,
    5-Williamina McFALL b. 1925, Springburn Glasgow, d. 1953, London, London, England, United Kingdom
    5-George McFall b. 1928, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, d. 1973, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
    +Elizabeth Anne Oswin​
    4-John McFall b. 27 May 1892, Parks, Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland
    +Mary Mairs b. Abt 1894​
    5-Andrew McFall b. 26 Apr 1913, Carninney, Antrim, Ballymena, Ireland

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