I am desperate to find anything out about my great grandparents, can anybody help, I know my g/grandfather and gg/grandfather was born in Cushendall,in 1810 and 1831 their name was mcguikan both John, my g/grandmother was jane mcilheron, I have had so many spellings for these names , not sure which are the right ones, both mcguikans were seafearers. Would be so grateful for any kind of info.

many thanks

I found the correct spelling of one of the name you have. It is McElheran. I ran this name throught Griffiths Valuation online,
After running this, I found the name McElheran is most prevalent in the parish of Layde.

As for the other name, I came up empty. You could try this site to see if it can help you.

What I do know, there was a Mary McElheran who married a James McAllister. James McAllister, and his family, were in the boating business. This McAllister was born 1816. My paternal grandmother was a McAllister. I'm still hoping to connect with this group someday, but can't get back far enough, as my father told he his mother's family was in the boating business.
Thank you so much for that info, I will certainly persue it. I think you might have hit on something for Layde, as I can't find Jane mc Ilheron's birth anywhere in Belfast or Cushendall.
Hello, Jane mc ilheren was my gt grandmother she was born about 1843 and married a john mc gukian between 1861 and 1867 and had 4 children, they were Jane (my grandmother) john Mary and Daniel. what I am wondering is if my gt grandmother had a brother james, as I dont know anything about her siblings, but what I have heard, is that she had relatives in either Canada or the USA, do you have any info that might connect us.
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Hello I am trying to link the name McIlheron into the family tree of the Galbraith Family. Like you I have found so many different spelling versions of this name. I have a Alexander McIlheron working in the Glenarm area who was born cira 1822 to 1828. He died 29 October 1912 in Glenarm I also have a Margaret McIlheran who married William Wilson from Carnlough in May 1840. There is also a Mary McIlheran born about 1836 who was an aunt to a David Wilson born abt 1851 and lived in Carnlough. I assume that she may have been a sister to Margaret but have been unable to prove this theory. Then there is James McIlheron who seemed to attend every Galbraith wedding in the 1840's. I have no idea where he fits in. My GGG Grandfather married Elizabeth who it is thought was McIlheran to her maiden name. She was born abt 1793 and died 1877. Carnlough/Glenarm are not very far from Cushendall about 15 miles so it is possible that some McElheran's came to live in these areas. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Hello, all I can tell you is that my gg grandmother jane mc ilheren gave birth to my grandmother in Belfast in 1868 and on my grandmothers birth certificate is showing Elizabeth Mc Ilheren in attendance at the birth, and I am assuming that was Jane's Mother but I am thinking that Mc Ilheren would have been her married name, my gg grandfather was born in Cushendall about 1833 and his father before him was born 1810 their name was mcgukian, but I dont know if jane Mc Ilheren was born there, and went to Belfast with john Mcgukian as he was a sea fearer, however they came to Liverpool about 1870 but I just can't seem to get any further than that, you never know we could be connected somewhere along the line I will keep delving and let you know.
Hello there,
I have done a great deal of research on the McElheran family in the Cushendall/Layde Parish area. I focused primarily on Archibald McElheran, b ~1754, d 1834, who was originally from Cloney, but moved to the lands his wife inherited in Glassmullen. There are a large number of McElherans in the area at that time. Most are listed in the Layde Parish census of 1823, however I do not see a Jane that would line up. I have a tree on Ancestry that is private but I can share if you are interested.