McKEEGAN connections in Cushendall area

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    I'm getting closer to tying together my McKEEGAN ancestors from the Cushendall area, and I'd appreciate any help.
    I have solid references connecting seven brothers, whose father was James McKEEGAN (~182x - ?) from Antrim. However, various records list their mother as Mary McCAMBRIDGE, Mary McKENBRIE, Mary McDONALD or Mary GLASS. (Either there was misinformation on their marriage or death certificates, and/or their father may have remarried). I'm trying to determine what I can about the wife(wives) of James McKEEGAN and where he/they lived.
    Of the established brothers:
    James (~1855-1917) remained in Ireland, and is listed in 1901 and 1911 as an unmarried farmer in Clough Glass, (Cloghglass on the 1850s Griffiths Valuation), Cushendall. He died in early 1917.
    Daniel ( ? - ~1918) settled in Australia, but it's not clear when or whether he came to America first.
    John (~1843-1916), Hugh (~1854-1874), Dennis (~1860-1900), Charles (~1864-1923) and Cornelius (~1865-1927) went to America at various times and all settled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY by 1890.
    I'm also trying to determine whether Patrick McKEEGAN (~1850-~1886) and Alex McKEEGAN (~1862- ? ) were brothers or cousins to the above. They lived very close to those above in NY. Patrick married Catherine MURRAY in NY in 1875, and it's rumored that he may have returned to Ireland ~1886 and died there.
    Finally, given the large gap between John and the next born son, I imagine there may have been some daughters, but I have no information.
    Thanks for any clues you may have, and I have extensive descendant information for this family, if anyone is interested.
    Paul Monaghan
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    hi, was interested to discuss your connection to James in Cloughglass .I am a descendent of his sisters . e mail
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    Hi I am very interested in hearing from you, I have McKeegan connections, in the Cushendall area, Hugh and James!!! please reply.
  4. monaghan-p

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    Hi Katie-
    Since posting my initial query, I've found more McKeegans in the Cushendall area in the 1860's than I could have imagined. At this point, I believe descendants from James McKEEGAN (Clouglass) and Mary McCAMBRIDGE to be John (my G-grandfather) , Daniel, Mary, Patrick, Margaret, Catherine, James, Hugh, Dennis, Charles and Cornelius, all born between 1841 and 1865. Of these, I know nothing of Margaret (~1848- ) or Catherine (~1850- ).
    Do you think you might be connected to this particular family?
    Paul M
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    Hi Paul,
    My McKeegan connection .
    Hugh b. 1850 d. 1910 m. ? McDonell Donnel Donnell, b???? d????
    second wife Margaret McKeegan b.1857 d.1942,
    Paul there were a lot of McKeegan families in the Glens Of Antrim, [Cushendall]
    To distinguish between the different families, each family used their profession. mine were known as the shoemakers,, there were also weavers, billys, hurleys, millers etc, I would have to ask my mother what the rest were, also my McKeegan was from Glenann.
    McKEEGAN, Cook, HUGH, S.S. "Gem" (Glasgow). Mercantile Marine. Killed by mine 25th December 1914. Age 27. Son of Margaret McKeegan, of Glenan, Cushendall, Co. Antrim, and the late Hugh McKeegan.
    McKEEGAN, Master, J, S.S. "Gem.". Mercantile Marine. 25th December 1914.
    Master James McKeegan and Hugh were brothers.
    Hugh the cook was James' nephew, and son of Hugh.
    I have more information. if this family fits into your tree let me know.
    thanks Katie
  6. monaghan-p

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    Hi Katie,
    If your Glenaan reference is for the specific Townland, not just the name of the Glen name, then our respective families lived quite close. As mentioned earlier, one brother, James, and at least one sister remained in the Cushendall area. My GG-grandfather, John, and several brothers emigrated to the US in the in the 1870s-80s. I've found other McKeegans living nearby in Brooklyn, NY at that time and into the early 1900s who are probably cousins. Do you know if any of the Glenaan or other McKeegans went to America, and when? I do know that early 1800's records for Ireland are mostly non-existent, but I'd really be interested in tying some of the families together. To share more-specific details, my email is monaghpe @ (remove the spaces)

    Paul M
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    PLease does anyone have information about Eleanor(Ellen) McAuley from and James McKeegan. They were married about 1860 . Lived in Larne. I think James was born Glenarm and Ellen came from Ballycastle
    James's brother Charles went to Australia
  8. Hi Paul, not sure if this will help but my GGGGf Patrick Hamill married Mary McKeegan 1810 in 1827 at Glenravel Skerry RC church Glenleslie Townland.
    There are several McKeegan families lited in the Antrim census:

    I know no more and cannot find her parents or his or go any further back in time.
    Good luck
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    Regarding James McKeegan( ~1819-1907) and Ellen Mcauley (~1842-1915):
    They married 8 Nov 1856 in Ballycastle, Ramoan, Moyle, Ballintoy, Antrim. No parents names are given in the marriage record.
    Each has an entry on the Northern Ireland Will Calendar:
    Here is James's and Ellen's.
    They are found together with one of their daughters and grand children in the 1901 Census and Ellen is in the 1911 Census with one of her granddaughter's (James has died.)
    I know of six children: Anne bp 11 Oct 1857; Ellen bp 8 Jan 1860; James bp 11 May 1862; Harriet b 21 Sep 1864, bp 2 Oct 1864 m. McKillip; Hugh b 22 Feb 1867, bp 3 Mar 1867 m. Margaret McCambridge 12 May 1898, d. before 1907; Patrick b. 24 Apr 1870, bp 1 May 1870.
    Ellen appears to have been from Culfeightrim.
  10. emgrinolds

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    McKEEGAN, Cook, HUGH, S.S. "Gem" (Glasgow). Mercantile Marine. Killed by mine 25th December 1914. Age 27.
    Son of Margaret McKeegan, of Glenan, Cushendall, Co. Antrim, and the late Hugh McKeegan.

    McKEEGAN, Master, J, S.S. "Gem.". Mercantile Marine. 25th December 1914.

    Master James McKeegan and Hugh were brothers.

    Hugh the cook was James' nephew, and son of Hugh.

    I have come to a slightly different conclusion on this family. Master James McKeegan and Hugh McKeegan appear to have
    been brothers-in-law and not brothers. The younger (cook) Hugh McKeegan (29 Jul 1887-25 Dec 1914) was the son of Hugh McKeegan
    (1851-7 Apr 1910)
    and Margaret McKeegan (1857-1942). Hugh McKeegan(1851-1910) was the son of Daniel McKeegan
    according to the marriage record for him and Margaret. Margaret(1847-1942) was the daughter of Hugh McKeegan
    (?-before 1901) and Mary McAuley. [This Hugh(?=before1901) was my 3rd great-granduncle through his sister Mary
    McKeegan who married John McCambridge of Knockban.] James McKeegan the captain of the S.S. GEM was the son
    of High McKeegan and Mary McAuley and therefore still the uncle of Hugh McKeegan the cook on the GEM.
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    Hi emgrinolds: Thank you for the information...we are related...Hugh and Margaret were my great grandparents,, can you please email
  12. emgrinolds

    emgrinolds New Member I have sent you an e-mail. Eileen
  13. deirdrepillai

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    Thanks Emgrinolds Those facts tie in pretty well with my family . Would really like to go further back. I believe James McKeegan 's father was Charles . His mother was Elizabeth McAuliffe Can you confirm any of that ?.. I think Ellen McAuley had several brothers all sea captains and her Mother was McDonald. . Does anyone know anything about this please
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    I also have a James McKeegan in my line. He married my Gr-Gr-Grandmother Rose McVicker Hunter in September of 1879 after her husband Daniel Hunter passed away.

    They had a son James born 24 August 1880 in Cushendale.

    Rose and son James are in the 1911 Census ( There is an Archy McKeegan living with them, listed as "brother" but it looks like it was crossed out and "son" written next to it. His birth date is very close to the time when Rose & James married. At this point I'm not sure if he is Rose's son or if his mother died in childbirth and James remarried very soon afterwards. Not unusual for the time period.

    She is listed as married but in the 1901 Census she's listed as "Widow." Again, not unusual.

    Unfortunately, I do not have much information on James or the family after this point.

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    Hi Paul,
    My great grandmother Elizabeth Kelly was born to Catherine (Murray) McKeegan and William Kelly in New York. Catherine married William after her first husband died (McKeegan). Catherine and William had 3 children together (Elizabeth, Jennie and Annie). Catherine had 4 boys and 2 girls from her first husband (McKeegan).
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    Hi Ltas,
    I'm very glad to hear from you. I know you are not directly related to my McKeegans, but since my original post, I have confirmed that Patrick McKeegan (Catherine Murray's fist husband) is a brother to my G-grandfather, John McKeegan. Patrick died at their father's location in Cloughglass, Antrim , 4 Dec 1884. As for Catherine's children with Patrick McKeegan, I have 3 girls and 3 boys- Mary Jane, Catherine (Kitty), Margaret (Maggie), James Patrick, Patrick Joseph (Patsy) and Daniel Joseph. I am still unsuccessful in confirming anything about Catherine Murray's parents, a common link for us. I 'think' her parents were Patrick and Mary. Have you researched that path?
    Regards, Paul Monaghan
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    I also was told that Catherine had 6 children with Patrick. I am not sure about her parents. I just began my research, so I have not researched that path yet.
  19. Ltas

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  20. Alison Coates

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    Hi Paul, My connection is Daniel McKeegan who came and settled in Victoria Australia. He was my Great-great grandfather. and died on the 24/10/1915. I'm just starting the Irish search and was happy to find this post. Cheers Alison Coates

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