McKEEGAN connections in Cushendall area

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  1. Cherylanne Bailey

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    Hi Paul and Alison

    I do not have McKeegan connections that I am aware of - my connections in Co Antrim are McCambridge and O'Hagan however I went through my notes, compiled over the last 20 years of so, and located the following which may prove of interest:
    Layde Parish Marriage – 25 October 1839 Cornelius McKeegan and Ellen Reid. Witnesses Francis McCambridge and Kitty Reid;
    John McCambridge - wife Mary McKeegan - Layde Parish - recorded as parents at baptism on 12 December 1841; and
    Alexander McCambridge married aged 30 years on 9 February 1864 Catherine McKEEGAN, born 1839, Spouse’s Father’s Name: John McKEEGAN.

    Source: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C11498-6 , System Origin: Scotland-ODM , GS Film number: 1041997.

    Kind regards
    Cherylanne, NSW Australia
  2. Alison Coates

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    Hi Cherylanne,
    Thanks so much for your reply. Daniel McKeegan was the son of James McKeegan (1814-1895) and Mary McCambridge (1823) married about 1841. They had 12 children and the last son was named Cornelius born 1865. Maybe the Cornelius who married in 1839 is James' brother!
    So many names the same it does become confusing!
    Do you have any information on my Mary McCambridge? I'm early days doing it on the internet and feel I waste time looking in all the wrong places!
    Cheers Alison
  3. monaghan-p

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    Hi Alison,
    Best of luck with your search. If you have access to, you'll find several Public Trees with Victoria connections back to Daniel. A few years back I connected briefly with a McKeegan family in Victoria, around the time there was a sizeable McKeegan family reunion. Of all Daniel's siblings, I've wondered why only he went to Australia, and would welcome any insight you may have on when or why he emigrated there.

    As for Mary McCambridge (1823-), I see her referenced in MANY McKeegan family trees, but never any information on her parents or siblings. Unfortunately, you're not alone in your search.

    Regards, Paul
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