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Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Fairy glen, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Fairy glen

    Fairy glen New Member

    Hello I'm trying to find information on great grandparents from Carnlough/Glenarm area. Also Thomas McMullin
  2. Gail Smith

    Gail Smith New Member

    Hello, I have just seen your message re Maybins and McMullens. I would be very interested to hear more. My g/mother was a Jane Maybin who came to New Zealand back in 1912. I know there was talk of an uncle on my g/fathers side of the family being a McMullen who was in California. My g/father was a Telford also from Antrim. Look forward to hearing back from you.
    Kind Regards,
  3. Fairy glen

    Fairy glen New Member

    Hello Lovely to know someone has actually read my post! You are probably aware that obtaining records for N.Ireland are nigh on impossible unless you live there. However I managed to get the marriage certificate for my great grandparents. They were John McMullin a seaman from Carnlough and Margaret Meebin from Drumrah on 22nd June 1863 at Glenarm Presbyterian church. Their fathers were Thomas McMullin Labourer and Patrick Meebin Farmer. I remember as a child a great aunt McMullan who lived with her cousin Lena Maybin which helped me confirm the family although the spelling has changed.
    I cant find anything on Thomas as there are so many of the same name in Carnlough and hadn't any luck with Patrick although I didn't folllow that line. I don't know of any Telfords. You have awakened my interest in the family so I will start again and anything I find which may be of interest I'll pass on. Good luck with your search!
  4. MariaNZ

    MariaNZ New Member

    Hi, I also have a connection with the McMullans from County Antrim. My g-grandfather is James McMullan, farmer, who arrived in New Zealand before 1876. He married in Auckland that year, and settled in the Far North, with his Irish wife, Rose Shiels of Northern Ireland. They were Catholics. James' father is James and I think they may have lived in Dunseverick as I have found a record in the Irish Census of 1851, with a young 5 year old James, making his birth year about 1846 which fits with his marriage record. Any help in finding them in Ireland would be appreciated.
    Many thanks

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