Old Ballynure Cemetary

Does anyone have access to the book "Old Families of Carrickfergus and Ballynure" by Rutherford & Clark? Seems it was published in 2003 by Ulster Historical Foundation, but copies are currently unavailable. It's supposed to have headstone transcriptions for Old Ballynure Cemetary. Thanks for any leads to information or listings about this cemetary.
Hi Terry
You are correct about the Old Ballynure Cemetery inscriptions. I have a copy of the subject inscriptions amounting to 47 pages.

Perhaps you have a particular name which you need to check?

I will be glad to look it up for you.

Regards Stanley
Hi Stanley,

Thank you very much for your kind offer. I'm primarily looking for Ballantine's (with all the various spellings) who lived in Ballynure from at least 1796 until 1821. My big mystery is the burial location of Mary (McShannon) Ballantine; I think she returned to Ireland after the death of her husband. Her maiden name was Ritchie.

The Woodside's and Forsythe's are two other significant families in my line. Any assistance you could render would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again Stanley, please let me know what I owe you for the lookups. I tried to buy a copy of the book, but could not find any. Have a great week.

Terry Ballantine
Hi Terry
There are no Ballantines listed in the Ballynure inscriptions and the other names are listed below.
McShannon - one inscription
Richey - one inscription

Woodside - 5 inscriptions plus one in the Park grave.

Forsythe - 6 inscriptions

These inscriptions are a bit lenthy to transcribe here but I know that there is a copy of this volume in the library at PRONI. You may like to consult my submission on The Deputy Keepers Reports found on the Co Donegal Archives website.
Sorry not to be more helpful.

Regards Stanley
Hi Stanley,

Thanks very much; this information is very helpful. Now I know to look somewhere else for Mary. I'll check with the PRONI website for the inscriptions for the others.

Do you have the address for the County Donegal Archives site? I'll take a look there too.

Thanks again for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it. Have a great week!


I see you are interested in Ballynure Woodsides. A Australian lady Mary Lark contacted me a few months ago about them and I visited Ballynure cemetery for her - sending her all the Woodside grave details. She has seen your post and has asked me to contact you - could you contact her at mollywoodlark@bigpond.com please.

Would you have the details of the Woodside in the Park grave - this is for an Australian lady Mary Lark - if so please send details to mollywoodlark@bigpond.com please. I visited Ballynure Cemetery for her and recorded the Woodside headstones.

Cheers Laurence
Hi Laurence,

Thanks for the information; I just sent Mary an email a little while ago.

I appreciate your assistance in making the connection; have a great day!

Is it possible there is a Baxter amongst the stones? For some reason I have James Baxter as being from Balemena, ounty Antrim... married to a Margaret ? ... and I haven't been able to find the name (c) 1793-1818... any help would be a ppriciated..... thank you.
As I live in Japan I also do not have access to that book and have been unable to find a copy for sale. If not too much trouble could you tell if there is an inscription for William Robinson of Ballyalbana. With many thanks, Paul
Hello Stanley, any chance of a little assistance? Is it possible there is a Baxter amongst the stones? For some reason I have James Baxter as being from Balemena, County Antrim... married to a Margaret ? ... and I haven't been able to find the trail (c) 1793-1818... any help would be appriciated..... thank you.
p.s. we hope to be in Ireland next year and I'm looking for connections... again thank you very much.
Hello Paul
Sorry but there is no William Robinson listed in the Old Ballynure Graveyard.
Red Sandstone
Samuel Robinson of Castletown died 29th July 1813 aged 58 years. His wife Janet Miller died the 1st August 1807 aged 50 years. Also his daughter Frances Robinson died August 7th 1808 aged 18 years. Also his daughter Grace an infant child.

Lead lettering in white marble
Erected by Thomas Robinson in memory of his daughter Elizabeth who died 17th Feb 1887 aged 9 years. ( Mason :- ) Rankin.

Hello Forwanda
Unfortunately there are no Baxters listed in the Old Ballynure Graveyard.

Do you mean Ballymena Co Antrim and not Balemena?

Perhaps you could look in the Morman church website as the Vital Records may be a good starting point.




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Hello Stanley, I would be very grateful for a search of the headstone surnames for any of the following: McBride / Lorimer / Allan (or Allen). Thnk you
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Hello Di
Erected by J&J McBride in memory of their father Malcolm McBride who died 13th Sept 1887 aged 79 years. (Mason) Rankin . 2 graves each side.

Low sandstone divided into two panels in the west of the graveyard.
Here lieth the body of Andrew Lorimer who departed this life Sept. 20th 1744 aged 52 years. Also his wife Mary SCOTT who depd. this life March 15th 1791 AE 90 years.
Here lieth the body of Andrew Lorimer who departed this life July 13th 1790 aged 90 years. Also his wife Jane KIRK aged 65 years.

Loremr see WEIR
Stone broken at the bottom
George Weir departed March ye 26th & Elizabeth LOREMR his wife Novr. ye 5th both in 1765. Said George aged 80 years. Sd. Eliz aged 70. Also their children Anne & Mary and their grandchildren Archibald Wilson Weir ( And Elizabeth Weir ) ......

Sacred to the memory of a beloved father and mother Samuel and Mary Allen of Ardboley. Also two daughters Martha and Maryann.

Sandstone, a wreath is carved between two quartrefoils
Erected by William Allen, Ballyfore, in memory of his son Samuel Allen who died February the 12th 1871 aged 33 years in full assurance and blessed hope of a glorious resurrection. Also his two daughters Sarah and Jane who died in infancy. 4 graves north.

Hope this will be of assistance

Regards Stanley
Stanley, thank you so much for going to all of the trouble for me. Actaually, both Samuel and Thomas are names that are very common in the family, along with William and Robert. I will take a very close look at the information that you posted.

With best regards,
Hello Paul
Bassett's Directory of Co Antrim c1888 under the village of Ballyeaston lists several residents living in the townland of " Ballyabanagh ". This is perhaps the correct spelling of this townland.