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  1. catherine semken

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    Dear Stanley
    Searching for burial place of James Kerr (wife Jane McAlister) who was born 1830 in Ballynure, married in Ballynure Presbyterian Church 7.3. 1851, died about 1868 and presume buried in Ballynure.
    Also a Margaret Kerr (married Thomas Weir) born 1801 Ballynure, and John Kerr, born 1834, died 1866.
    Can you point me in the right direction to obtain birth/baptismal records for the above. Have tried Belfast records office who say they do not keep any baptismal records and Ballynure Presbyterian Church says they are in the Belfast Records Office - confusing!
    Catherine Semken (Australia) - some urgency, visiting UK soon. Many thanks and hope you can help.
  2. sandscull

    sandscull New Member

    are there any McGookins listed at old Ballynure? I believe my great-great grandfather, Thomas, was buried there in 1895.
  3. TerryRB

    TerryRB New Member

    Since posting my original question, I have purchased a copy of "Old Families of Carrickfergus & Ballynure"

    You are correct; Old Ballynure Cemetery lists the following:

    "McGOOKIN - [Loose blue slate.] In memory of Thomas McGookin who died 1895."


    "McGOOKIN - [Cast iron marker, cracked.] James McGookin. 3 graves."

    "McGOOKIN - [Composite sandstone with inset tablet of white marble.] Erected by James McGookin in memory of his beloved sons: John who died 16th March 1882 aged 20 years, and Arthur who died 29th Octr. 1882 aged 28 years. The above-named James McGookin died 6th Augt. 1894 aged 85 years. [Mason:-] (A.) Jenkins, Larne [The will of James McGookin, late in Lismenary, county Antrim, farmer who died 6 August 1894 at same place, was proved at Belfast 21 December 1894 by James McGookin of Lismenary, Houston McGookin of Ballyrickmore and William McGookin of Lismenary, all in said county, farmers, the executors. Effects 1,344 10 s.]

    "McGOOKIN - [Polished black granite enclosed with foregoing.] Erected by Minnie McGookin, Lismenary, in loving memory of her father William McGookin who died 3rd March 1929 aged 86 years. Also her mother Grace McGookin who died 29th October 1884 aged 37 years. Also all other deceased members of the family. Minnie Kirk died 6th May 1964 aged 86 years. [mason:-] T. Holden, Larne."

    I hope this is helpful to you -

    Terry Ballantine
  4. ckarayanis

    ckarayanis New Member

  5. TerryRB

    TerryRB New Member

    Hi Catherine,

    I have gone through the book several times, but have not found any Creary's. The listing is titiled, "Ballynure Old Graveyard" - and the description of the graveyard, mentioning the "corpse house" - seems identical to that described at the website.

    I'll do a little more searching, and will let you know if I learn anything. I seem to remember reading somewhere that while the records in the book are quite extensive, they are not complete.

    Good luck in your search -

  6. archiemcfall

    archiemcfall New Member

    three graves at ballynure for[ Mccreary.]
  7. TerryRB

    TerryRB New Member

    Archie -

    I see the McCreary's - and an entry for McCreavy; and can pass them along if desired.

  8. jallynure

    jallynure New Member

    Hi I am related to Park, Kirk, Wilson, McNair, etc. Kirk is related to McGookin as Mr. Ballantine extracted from the book, namely a Minnie Kirk, though I do not know how she is related to McGookin. I also wonder what Minnie's Christian name would be. Perhaps Mary as suggested by: http://www.nireland.com/anne.johnston/Diminutives.htm Mary, Miriam – May, Moll, Molly, Mamie, Pol, Polly, (sometimes) Minnie My family tree is here: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/index.html thank you John
  9. jallynure

    jallynure New Member

    Mr. Ballantine I have Forsythe in my family tree: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-Index.html#Forsythe Is there any relation to you? John
  10. jallynure

    jallynure New Member

    Mr. Ballantine I also have two Woodside in my family tree: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-Index.html#Woodside Is there any relation to you? No Richey and No McShannon, at least not yet ;-) John
  11. jallynure

    jallynure New Member

    Hi Paul I have some Robinson in my family tree: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-Index.html#Robinson And a William James Robinson http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-1024.html John
  12. jallynure

    jallynure New Member

    Hi Di I have one Lorimer in my family tree: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/a/r/Beth-Park/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0402.html John
  13. TerryRB

    TerryRB New Member

    My apologies; I haven't been to this site in several months so didn't see your post earlier.
    Our Woodside's don't match, but Elizabeth Forsythe (who married James Kirk) is the daughter of Andrew and Jane (Ballantine) Forsythe. Balllantine is my line.
  14. sandscull

    sandscull New Member

    Hi, was wondering if there are any Agnew's listed? My ancestors of that name came from Ballyharry.
  15. Patsy

    Patsy New Member

    I have just joined this forum, and saw your reply with reference to Thomas McGookin.
    This afternoon I have finally found a little info on a great-aunt of mine, Amelia Jane (Jennie) McVitty. All I had known was her name and date of birth.
    She married Thomas McGookin of Ballyclare in about 1899. It seems they then went to Canada (Ontario), where Amelia's brother already lived, and Thomas died in Ottawa in 1941; Amelia the previous year. There is no mention of surviving children.

    If anyone has any further info for me I would be most grateful.
  16. Bluebeard

    Bluebeard New Member

    I noted many years ago the grave of a Patrick Gorman born 1713 (seems improbable), died 14/11/1793; could someone kindly confirm that this is indeed an inscription in the Old Ballynure Churchyard?
    Since family members used the surname "Gormal" until at least the middle 19th century this would suggest the headstone was not original.
  17. TerryRB2

    TerryRB2 New Member

    Bluebeard -
    Hoping you are still watching this thread. Pg. 15 of "Old Families of Carrickfergus & Ballynure" has this listing:

    Here lie the remains of Patrick Gorman who departed this life Novr. 14th 1793 aged 80 years. Also his grandson Barry Gorman who died 2nd April 1908 aged 85 years. William Gorman died 20th May 1925 aged 78 years.William John, son of above, died 14 February 1962."

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