Pre 1864 records

I know this is going to seem like a stupid question to many but one that I'm afraid I need to ask.
Can someone please tell me where I can find free pre 1864 BMD records. I realise that records of earlier marriages are available but I need births and deaths as well going back, basically as far as possible. I'm pretty new to this search and am stuck. I've been using the irish genealogy site which has been great because they have the photocopies of records which allow me to get extra information such as parents details. If I could get something like this for earlier records that would be great.
Statutory births, deaths and RC marriages started in 1864. Non RC marriages started in April 1845. Prior to those dates you need to rely on church records. Not all church records have survived and not all are on-line. And of those that are on-line, not all are free.

For deaths, only the Church of Ireland & Quakers routinely kept burial records. Few other denominations did.

Irish genealogy has many of the statutory records for all of Ireland but it has very few church records for Ulster. In fact I am not sure it has any yet. RC birth & marriage records are on-line free on the NLI site:

But for other denominations, assuming your ancestors lived in Co Antrim or adjacent counties, if you want free records, you would need to go and view the copies held in PRONI in Belfast. They are not on-line. Some of the genealogy sites like rootsireland, Ulster Historical Foundation and Emerald Ancestors have some church records but they are all pay to view or subscription sites.

Tell us what denomination your ancestors were, and where they lived. I can then advise what church records exist and where they are stored.
Many thanks Elwyn. At the minute I'm interested in C of I and presbyterian records from Ballycastle area and Dervock, Ballymoney area.
I really appreciate you taking the time to help.
Ballycastle is in the parish of Ramoan. The early Church of Ireland records for that parish were lost in the 1922 fire in Dublin, and they have no baptism records before 1879 nor marriages before 1845. There are burials for 1805 – 1831 only.

Ballycastle Presbyterian has baptisms & marriages from 1829 onwards. (Presbyterians generally don’t keep burial records).

Ramoan Presbyterian has no baptisms before 1900 (They were lost). Marriages from 1845.

Dervock is in the parish of Derrykeighan. Again the early Church of Ireland records were lost in the 1922 fire, and they have no baptisms before 1878, burials before 1882 and no marriages before 1845. There is a list of the poor dated 1817.

Benvarden Presbyterian has baptisms and marriages from 1864.

Dervock Presbyterian has baptisms for 1827 – 1838 and 1850 onwards; marriages 1828 – 1841 and 1845 onwards.

Ballymoney Churhc of Ireland has baptisms, marriages and Burials from 1807 onwatfs.

1st Ballymoney Presbyterian has baptisms from 1751 – 1771 and then 1817 onwards; marriages from 1817 onwards.

Ballymoney 2nd (St James) has baptisms and marriages from 1835.

Trinity Presbyterian has marriages from 1845. No baptisms.

Drumreagh has baptisms from 1864, marriages 1845.

Garryduff has baptisms from 1885, marriages 1851.

Roseyards has marriages 1780 – 1798 and 1845 onwards. No baptisms.

Copies of all the above surviving records are in PRONI in Belfast. They are free to view but a personal visit is required to see them. They are not on-line.

Bill McAfee has the 1803 agricultural census on his site. It includes both Derrykeighan and Ramoan. It also has Rev Parke’s 1817 census of Ballymoney parish. You might find those helpful.

There are also the tithes 1827 for Derrykeighan:

And 1833 for Ramoan:

Plus Griffiths Valuation & the Valuation Revision records, which I presume you are familiar with.
Again thank you Elwyn. I was aware of the loss of many records in the Dublin fire but didn't realise how heavily this impacted records from our local area. I wish I had a fraction of your knowledge. I will, however, continue with this information in the hope of making some progress.
James Porter, Ruling Leader in the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Ballylone married Rachel, youngest daughter of D Alexander, Donohora 15 FEB 1838. James Porter, son of James, was baptized by the late Rev. James Carley of Antrim on the 2 day of APR 1841. James was 49 days old, i.e. born 12 FEB 1841. Baptism certified 24 MAY 1865 by James M Ferran, Officiating Minister of the Old Presb't Congregation of Antrim. James was born 12 FEB 1841 in the townland of Corbally, Parish of Killead Co. Antrim which corresponds with the Rev. James M Ferran's Register of Baptism. Leonard W. Riley III
Several months ago Mr. Elwyn informed me that around the time of 1840 most people married someone "within an asses bark". Based upon comment above James, son of James Porter was born in Corbally and baptized at the Old Presb't Congregation of Antrim. Mr. D Alexander appears to be from "Donohorn", possibly in Derry and both James Porter and D. Alexander were Ruling Elders in the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Ballylone! ARE THESE LOCATIONS WITHIN AN ASSES BARK? Can not find Ballylone on a map or via internet.
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