Reynolds & Connolly's from the Glens of Antrim

Hi, I posted maybe 6-7 years ago,on these anscestors who I am trying to trace. a Patrick Reynolds born 1823 Cushendall area, and Ellen or Eleanor Connolly (? alt spellings) born 1827 possibly Carnlough. They turn up in Glasgow in 1851 on the census, married with a 1 year old son, born in Glasgow. Whether the mrriage was before leaving Ireland of after arriving in Scotland, I don't know.

Patrick's parents were William Reynolds and Catherine Hammil(?l) pr0bably born in and around 1800.
Ellen's parents were Richard Connolly & Sarah O'neil. I have found a Richard Connolly & Sarah Oneil with children whose births were registered in 1832/34/36(?? younger siblings of Ellen or Elenor), and I wonder how likely there are to have been more than 1 family living in the area with the same parental names. These children were baptised at/in Gleravel parish, and were noted as resident at Ballyfore and Kilnaculpa. Kilnacolpagh (alt spelling) seems up the glen from Carnlough.

I have less information about Patrick Reynold's family, though a quick skim of previous theads indicate that Hammill seems a name in the Cusheldall locality.

Can anyone help with information ??

Thanks Janex
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