The McKays of Glenarm/Carnlough

Please help!

My name is Alexander McKay, I am aged 66, retired, a grandfather and Scot living in Edinburgh.

Just over a year ago I learned my great grandfather, Patrick McKay (b 1835), had come over to Scotland from Carnlough/Glenarm and married my great grandmother in Dumbarton in 1859. He became a very prominent and well off businessman in the town of Dumbarton. He had ten children, six sons, five of whom studied medicine and became medical practicioners. Children of several of these doctors are still alive (80 plus years) and living in England and can remember visiting Carnlough on holiday in the later 1920s as children when their Uncle Jim MacAuley would take then on his motor bike on the back roads between Carnlough and Glenarm (two of the MacAuley brothers were later surgeons in Dublin they tell me) and also mention of a Milligan married into the McKay family.
Patrick's brother, James McKay, b 1837, had a pub/butcher's shop in Glenarm.

Up until I was told of this connection I had no idea of an Irish McKay link.

Since then I have been over twice and (helped greatly by Martin McKay of Carnlough) I have discovered the farm at Bellair above Glenarm once farmed by the above Patrick's father, Alexander McKay (c 1784-1869) and his grave and that of his wife Alice in the old RC Church graveyard in Carnlough.

I am most anxious to trace anyone who could possibly help or remember any of these McKay connections or knew in which direction to send me.

Many thanks,

Alex McKay


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Hi Alex

I'm delighted to find your post.

Alexander was married to Alice Delargy. Alice had 2 brothers Hugh and Bernard. I am descended from Bernard Delargy.

A written note I have mentions Pat marrying in Dumbarton. I'm more than happy to share what I have.

I have being trying to track the McKay line without much success!

If you would like to email me at dapt AT I'll send you the written history(change the AT to @)

Hi Annie - What wonderful news. I have learned a lot of detail on Patrick McKay's family in the past year - and what a family - and would be willing to pass on all I have. He did very well in business and lived in splendour in a magnificent house in Dumbarton (with a live-in domestic staff of four and daily help; it is still there, now an office, a listed building). His family - with the exception of his oldest son, Alexander, my grandfather, who was the black sheep and became an outcast, attended the best schools in England and Scotland and the five brothers all studied medicine, with four qulaifying as medical doctors. There are descendants alive in Canada, England, Scotland and the USA.

I shall send an email to the address you supplied.

Hi Alex,

I hope you are still viewing this forum as I am quite sure we are related. My name is Daniel Stevens. I live in Canada and my grandmother's father, Alexander McKay, was from Glenarm, where my grandmother was born.

Your story of the McKay family, particularly the sons of that period is very familiar to me.

I would welcome the opportunity to explore the possibility of our relation. My email is

I hope to hear from you.