1911 Census of Waterfoot

I have been researching my family tree and I have a connection to Waterfoot, in the 1901 census my great great grandfather is living in house 51 in Warren, which I know is Waterfoot. In the 1911 census it is much more difficult to find them as the census only goes to 30 something in Warren. Does anyone know why, has there been a boundary change to the townland at this time or has a piece of the census not survived?
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This looks to be the family in the 1911 census. There were no house numbers in Waterfoot in the early 1900s. The house numbers on the census were the enumerator’s private numbering system and varied from census to census, so it's probably the same property in 1901 & 1911. The family completed the census in Irish in 1911 and the person who later put the return on the National Archives website transposed forenames and surname, all of which may explain why you could not find them.


I think John McQuillan’s daughter Mary married Patrick Duffin of Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, on 23.7.1902 in Holywood. John McQuillan died 16.7.1910 in Waterfoot, and Mary Duffin, daughter, was the informant.

Mary McQuillan and sister Anne in 1901:


Probably sister Rose in 1901:

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