Hall, Knox and Tosh

Since DNA testing I have had a remarkable number of leads to Antrim and yet to explain most of them. My Hall relatives who owned a farm in the 1890s in Thornbury, Southland, New Zealand came to New Zealand from 'Ireland' and it later turned out to be Antrim. Another Hall living in the Southland area showed up as a DNA match and his line goes back to Roughan, County Antrim, Ireland while mine seems to be directed to Ballymena, with a dna match in Little Ballymena. The Halls were Andrew, Hugh and John as brothers born in the mid to late 1820s. Their father was John and his wife Mary Knox (b.1790). After arriving in NZ, Hugh Hall married Jane Tosh (b.1845, daughter of policeman Henry Tosh) who is also said to be from 'Ireland' but no specifics. Jane arrived in NZ on the Edward Thornhill in 1863, I suspect the Halls arrived here around this time also, John and Hugh married late in life while Andrew married young in Racavan, Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland in 1846 to a Mary Meban.
I am directly related to Hugh Hall and Jane Tosh. Hall is a common name in Ireland, while Tosh seems much less so.
Mainly seeking any leads on this family block in general.
Some probate abstracts from the PRONI wills site:

The Will of William Hall late of Rokeel County Antrim Farmer deceased who died 19 November 1871 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oaths of Elizabeth Hall (Widow) and John Knox (Farmer) both of Rokeel and Alexander M'Master of Roughan (Farmer) all in (Broughshane) said County the Executors.

The Will (with one Codicil) of John Hall late of Rokeel County Antrim Farmer deceased who died 21 May 1875 at Roughan in said County was proved at Belfast by the oath of Nancy Hall of Rokeel Widow and John Hall of Little Ballymena Farmer both in said County the Executors.

Probate of the Will of John Hall late of Rathkeel County Anrim Retired Builder who died 8 August 1896 granted at Belfast to Alexander M'Master of Roughan said County and Alexander Hall of Rathkeel Farmers.

Probate of the Will of John Hall late of Roughan Antrim Farmer who died 27 October 1898 at Ballymena Fever Hospital County Antrim granted at Belfast to Jane Hall of Roughan Widson and Nathaniel Gordon of Rocavan said County Farmer.

Probate of the Will of Samuel Hall late of Roughan County Antrim Farmer who died 10 December 1899 granted at Belfast to The Reverend John Gibson Presbyterian Minister.

The above wills are all on-line on the PRONI wills site.

Hall James of Roughan Broughshane county Antrim farmer died 7 May 1955 Probate Belfast 20 January to John Kidd and James Hall farmers. Effects £3235 5s. 7d.

The above will is not on-line but should be in PRONI in paper format.

3 Hall families in Roughan in the 1901 census:


Just 1 in 1911:


There are Knoxes and Mebans in the townland at that time too.

Racavan burying ground:

Erected by Gordon E. Hall, Kimberley South Africa In loving memory of his father John Hall Roughan, Who died 27th October 1898, aged 51 years Also his mother Jane Gordon Hall Who died 20th Aug. 1906, aged 55 years. And his brother W.McKay Hall, Who died 18th Nov. 1893, aged 20 years.

Erected By John Hall of Roughan In memory of his dear wife Mary Hall, who departed this life 28th March 1843, aged 53 years

This stone was Erected to the memory of John Hall of Roughan by his son. He departed this life 11th of August 1845, aged 63 years. Also his son John Hall who departed this life 21st of May 1875 aged 56 years. Also wife of the latter Nancy McKay Hall, who departed this life 22nd March 1922, aged 99 years, Also their daughter Margaret Ann Hall, Died 1st May 1926

PRONI have a record of John Hall’s will being probated in 1845, in the Connor Diocese records. Unfortunately the will itself was lost in the 1922 fire in Dublin.

1 Hall farm in Roughan in the 1825 tithes:


From the location, denomination and names, I’d say these families are all descended from Scots who settled in the area in the 1600s. Difficult to get back earlier than the early 1800s due to lack of records.

I looked for a Henry Tosh (policeman) in the Royal Irish Constabulary records on Ancestry but did not find anyone of that name.