Hamilton and McClarty Family of Cushendall

Looking for information about Archie Hamilton b.1781 Cushendall area d. 1877 Grey County, Ontario, Canada who married Ann McClarty b.1793 near Cushendall, Ireland d. 1856 Grey County, Ontario, canada. Family left for Ontario, Canada in 1846.

Also any info on Daniel b.1783 Layd Parish d. 1846 Layd Parish and James McClarty b.1784 Layd Parish Antrim d.1873 Grey County Ontario, Canada. I believe they were brothers of Ann McClarty above.

Hammie, The above address will take you to Kay Prisbal. She has written a book on the McClarty family that emigrated from Cushendall to Grey County Ontario. My family are decended from them as well. There is a Facebook group called join if you are a MClarty too. Just about everyone on the list are decended from the Cushendall McClarty's. Hope this helps. Mitch McClarty
Hello Hammy & Mitch. I am a brand new member to this forum, and am seeking info on my ancestors, and found your posting. I am a descendant of Archie Hamilton and Ann McClarty, through their daughter Ann who married Archibald McCurry. They all settled in Grey County Ontario Canada (near Owen Sound) in the 1846-1851 period. Any info on their pre-Canada lives and travel to Canada has been impossible to find - would you have anything that could help? I will also try to contact Kay Prisbal at the email provided by Mitch. Thanks, Pat McCurry, Ottawa Canada
I am also a descendant of Archibald Hamilton and Ann McLarty who emigrated to Holland Township, Ontario, Canada. I am descended from their son James Hamilton who married Katie McCambridge/McCammeridge. I believe these 2 were also born in County Antrim. I would be happy to compare my research to that done by others. Marilyn Irish (nee Hamilton)