McMullan's of Waterfoot & McDonnell's of Glenravel

Last year I posted to this list looking for infromation on these two families John McMullan of Waterfoot and Grace Ann McDonnell of Glenravel..
Camen replied as below:
"The family you are loking for is the McMullan family in Waterfoot.John McMullan Waterfoot and Grace Anne McDonnell from Glenravel were married in Cushendall. The had the following family Sean,Alex,Mick,Grace and Mary. The relatives (descendants of Alex) still live in Waterfoot. I will talk to her and get her to contact you."

Camen kindly offered to put me in touch with some family still in Waterfoot via Alex but I've heard nothing since.
Is it still possible to have contact please?
I have family info from John McMullan downwards but nothing going back further. And nothing at all on his wife Grace Ann McDonnell. Would love to know more.
Many thanks
Jenny McDonnell
I will make contact with your relations in Waterfoot, and try to have your line of communication re-opened. Please allow most of a week for any contact.
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Dear Jenny, i have been in contact with Haymaker, and if you would kindly send me your e mail address I willl forward it to your relations in Waterfoot and hopefully they will contact you either directly, or through me.

Bernie Delargy
Hi Bernie,
Thanks that is most kind of you.
My email is:
Fingers crossed I can make some progress with John & Grace McDonnell.
Best wishes
Dear Mr. Delargy,

Pardon my intrusion but I saw your name and thought you might be able to provide some information on Patrick Delargy. Patrick and Bridget McCann were the sponsors at my father's Baptism at the Church of the Blessed Virgin in Cushendall on April 1st 1910. My father's name was Henry W. McNeill and I have recently been in contact with a newly found cousin from Scotland who is researching the family history. She has given me information that I have never known about my father's family who lived in the former Coast Guard cottages on the Coast Road where the Garron Point Post Office was located, I am told that my grandfather's sister Anne McNeill was the postmistress. I also remember my father and his brother having a good friend here in the U.S. named Emmet Delargy so I thought there might have been a close association between our families in the past in Ireland. My father's family came here in 1920.

I would be grateful for any information you could provide.
e-mail or I will watch this site.
I am Delargy by marriage, but make enquiries for you, also, I hope that someone else with Delargy connections will read your message and make contact with you.
Hi! I saw your note and thought I'd ask if you have info about Mary McMullan who married Michael McDonnell of Glenravel. They seem to be contemporaries, agewise, with your people.. Michael was a cattle dealer, Mary was a housewife. Their oldest boy, Alexander, went to sea and was never heard from again. Since most families named their oldest boy after his paternal grandfather, Alexander would be the father of our Michael. My father-in-law was one of the youngest of Mary and Michael's children, and named Edmund. Michael came with his daughters to America, but didn't like it, and wanted to go home to be buried next to Mary in Glenravel. My husband visited his grave in the 1950s.He had a sister, named Jenny, and I have info about her, in case you are her namesake! Sincerely, Betty McDonnell
My mother's father was Michael McMullan who grew up in the Glens. His brother Sean wrote in Irish . So that John McMullan would be my great grandfather. My mother still has brothers living in Belfast who may have more information on Grace. I have heard her name mentioned.
Hi Betty,
Sorry for the delay in replying.
I'm a McDonnell by marriage, They are my Husbands maternal line.
The only Mary McMullan is the sister of my link Sean born 1884, I don't have Mary's DOB or who she married I'm afraid but she was the daughter of John McMullan(from Waterfoot) & Grace McDonnell (from Glenravel) who I am trying to find more about on this site. If I discover any further info on your Mary & Michael I will get back to you.
Best wishes
Hi Rosie,
Any info would be fantastic as John & Grace is as far back as I can go and I have very little info on them other than dates of birth and some of their childrens names.
My husband descends from Sean,then through Sean's daughter Roise. Roise was my husbands Grandmother.
Who would it be best to contact re family history.
Best wishes
Jenny McDonnell
You may have already found this out, but Grace McDonnell's parents were Michael McDonnell and Grace Magahan or McGahan, I think I got this info from using their marriage record and the Glenravel baptism records.
Hello gingrashome,
I did not know who Grace's parents were so a big thankyou for that information.
Can you tell me where and how to search where you searched please for the
Glenravel baptisms and marriage info.
Many Thanks again
Any leads are a great help.
I'm documenting all the families from Glenravel, and I have copies of all the baptism and marriage records. I must have gotten the marriage record from, since Grace and John McMullan were married 4 Feb 1876 in Cushendall. From there I used my copies of the baptism records. Michael McDonnell and Grace McGahan/Magahan also had two sons listed Charles (b 1856) and Michael (b 1864). There were likely other children since the baptism records from sometime in 1856 to sometime in 1864 are missing.

My research is on, would be glad to send you an invite to look at it. Do you have any old family photographs you could share?

My email address is

Susan Gingras
Hi Susan,
Thanks I didn't have any siblings for Grace. I had an approxiamate year of birth 1856-1859 but don't have a definate date for her.

I do have an old photo of Grace when she's probably in her 50's.

I had the year of her marriage to John as 1876 but not the exact date so thankyou for that information.
From the 1911 census info which had Grace married for 35yrs in 1911 so 1876 marriage.

Do you have a marriage date or baptisms for either or Grace's parents please?
Yes I'd be happy to look at your ancestry tree so see if I can add any further info.
The Glenravel church does have much info on baptisms prior to 1840 - about then they started recording the parents names. I would guess Michael and Grace were born prior to 1836, since the first child I see is born in 1856 - but I don't see them on the 1851 census, and I can't find a gravestone inscription for them in the Glenravel cemetary - so I doubt we will find much more about them. I did look for more info on Grace's last name, and I'm fairly certain it is McGahan - that is a somewhat common name in the area, and I found nothing on Magahan.

Please send me your email address, and I would love to have that picture of Grace also.

Thanks, Susan
Hi everyone, I'm related to James McMullan of County Antrim. He's my g-grandfather and came to New Zealand before 1876. He married Rose Shiels in NZ in 1876. He was a farmer, and the son of a farmer called James, according to his death certificate. They were Catholics. I note that the Irish Census of 1851 mentions a James, age 5, with father James, mother Rose, in Dunseverick, Billy, Cary. That would give a birth year of about 1846 for my g-grandfather which seems correct, according to his marriage certificate. The Census of 1851 mentions other siblings: Eliza, Catherine, Sarah, Daniel. Interestingly, my g-grandfather named his own daughters Sarah (my grandmother) and Catherine, with son John. Any help would be appreciated in connecting them to someone else.