Patrick Quin & Jane Reid - Cushendall c.1842

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the pages of over the past few weeks. I was drawn here looking for information on the Quin and Reid families who were living for some time at least in Cushendall, but I have got distracted by the depth of record and article that has been collated here.

Returning to my original research, I'm hopeful that someone might be able to give some insight into Patrick Quin & Jane Reid.

They were married in Cushendall in Jan' 1842, and in Dec' 1842 they baptised Edward Quinn in the same church.

Beyond that records are patchy. Edward Skeffington Quinn has been the limit of our family research. He appears in 1859 joining the 37th Regiment in Colchester. Listing Shankill, Belfast 1842 as his place/date of birth. His marriage certificate lists his father as Patrick Quinn.

What has led me to the Cushendall Patrick & Jane, is a record of Patrick Quin, from Cushendall joining the merchant Navy in 1848. He signs up in Belfast, and describes almost identical hair/eyes/height to Edward's military records.

Patrick Quin may have been involved in an educational scandal. Papers from the time suggest he took money from the Irish Home Mission for a school in Cushendall that never existed. The Patrick Quin from this episode lists as a witness to one of his statements, an Edmund O'Neill. The Patrick Quin that marries Jane Reid also lists an Edmund O'Neill as witness at the wedding.

One further speculative clue I have is to a story from a paper in Newport Wales in which a Seaman Patrick Quin is assaulted by some local sailors for undercutting their wages. He implies he has a brother with him. There is a record for a Daniel Quin born c.1829 in Cushendall, also joining the Merchant Navy. (Patrick is born c.1824)

The unanswered questions we have are; What happened to Jane? Did they move to Belfast? Is it significant that there are no more children recorded, or just a gap in the record? Is there more to be known about the school scenario?

It would make sense he was a teacher, as Edward is educated enough at 18 to be working as a clerk, and gets promoted quickly in the army from private, eventually ending up as Quartermaster Sergeant. But where does Edward go from 1842 to 1859?

If anyone had any insight into this it would be much appreciated.